Chapter 2: Stiflingly Airless and Chapter 3: Desperate Times


Oh yeah, my lazy ass is still committed to this theme.  Welcome to Niki’s Bedroom Floor Plans: A History 2, this time with actual posts!

Floor Plan 2: Stiflingly Airless

Sheet color:dark purple, gray, white

Lasted: approximately 7 months (less one month in the middle)

After my debacle-y first night of sleep with the bad energy and the awful feng shui, I got some book cases and then moved my furniture to look like this:

it made sense to me at the time

I think I chose this set-up because it was the only way to get a truly unobstructed path to the window, which was something I felt was really very important.  Plus my childhood bedroom had a slanty ceiling over the headboard of my childhood bed, so this felt very natural to me.

I also quite early on bought a new set of sheets in gray, after deciding that for sure dark sheets gave me nightmares.  I mean, the evil spirits were trying to STEAL MY ENERGY when I slept on the purple sheets – I had to do something about it.

Things went okay for a little while, but this furniture arrangement happened in the middle of the summer when it was very, very hot out.  The floor plan reacted to the summer weather, unfortunately, like this:

do you SEE that cloud?

Each night as I tried to sleep, the cool breeze would sail right by me, leaving my sad little corner of the room completely untouched by anything resembling circulating air.  I was literally whimpering with discomfort by mid-July…

…which brings us to…

Floor Plan 3: Desperate Times

Sheet Color:gray, white

Lasted: 1 month

One hot night just before bed (in a desperate, feverish state) I did this with my furniture:

silliest but most satisfying set-up yet

I kept my furniture this way for about a month – during the hottest time of the summer.  It was super impractical because you actually couldn’t get to the window AT ALL except by climbing over the bed, but still I was as close to the air from the window as this bedroom would allow.

Plus I got white sheets – even lighter than gray! – to minimize the effect of evil spirits on my dream-state.

When the air cooled at the end of the summer, I kept the white sheets and then returned my bed to Position #2 for until Christmas-time.

More on that in Chapter 4.  Coming soon.


All Snugglylike


Covers Week begins with a duel homage/rant about sleeping conditions vis-a-vis the weather; more particularly, I am referring to how much I love to sleep under the covers and how angry it makes me when I cannot.

Starting with the rant, to get the unpleasantness out of the way:

I hate that it is still sometimes too hot in my bedroom for me to sleep under my covers these days.  I mean, I get it weather – it’s August and you’re still hot.  But even though the temperature has been down into the 60s or at least low 70s at night these days, my room is optimized to be as uncomfortably warm as possible whenever it is hot during the day.  It gets several hours of direct sun, has no cross ventilation, and my one window is recessed in a tiny alcove that prevents any air from reaching any part of my body beyond my feet when I am in bed.  Once the room gets warm, it stays warm.  It can take days to truly recover from a single hot day, so that even if the temperature dips at night, my room often remains…just a little too warm.  Not necessarily hot, not usually unbearable.  Just a little too warm.

Too warm for covers, at least.  Why you gotta be like that, night weather?  I do not appreciate it.

Which brings me to my homage to a chilly night:

Genuinely chilly nights, I love you.  When the temperature falls in the mid 60s for several nights in a row, you enable me to crawl into bed and pull up my sheet and my comforter and sometimes even my extra throw blanket all at the same time.  You allow me to snuggle up with my blankie, which is not my blankie from childhood or anything, but a blanket I acquired as an adult and have started referring to as my blankie because every night that is not a sticky, hot, summer night I cuddle with it like I am a small child.  Chilly nights, you make it so I can close my door when I am sleeping and wear pants instead of no pants but also cover myself up if I should chose to wear no pants anyway…all of which makes a truly significant difference when my sister-roommate has people over and I have already gone to bed.  They do not need to witness my pantsless sleeping; covers are important.

my snuggly blankie, also good for tickling*

Seriously – genuinely chilly sleeping weather makes me so happy I consistently oversleep on brisk mornings because I am just so cozy and content to stay under the covers in my bed.  I’ll snooze for ages on a chilly morning and not even feel bad about it (whereas on a regular morning I’ll snooze for ages but feel guilty and groggy). And these days, when we have a chilly night followed by a chilly morning, I get excited beyond belief for the fall, which you may have heard is coming up soon.

Tonight looks to be chilly, and like I will be able to get under the covers.  For that, Weather, I salute you.

Stay tuned this week for more on (a variety of different kinds of) Covers!!

*As a child, my blankie was a crocheted number that had holes through which I could interlace my fingers.  I would do this and then move my fingers from hole to hole, which I referred to as “tickling my blankie.”  The phrase sounds…well…I don’t want to talk about it, but the tactile sensation of “tickling” any crocheted material is phenomenal and I still do it any time I come across an appropriate article, be it blanket or sweater.  I suggest you give it a try, as it’s very soothing, tickling crochet.   My adult blankie is especially good for it even though the weave is too small to fit my fingers through, because it is made of a material that always feels cool to the touch, which is awesome.  Also, am I weird?  Does anyone else ever fondle crocheted items purely for the sensation it produces in your fingers?