Boo for Tom Week; Huzzah for King Richard’s Faire!


The Week of Tom was a pretty unmitigated disaster of non-blogging proportions.

I had this great post started that was all about actors I liked who are named Tom (Hanks, Felton, Hardy), only I was going to take some actors whose names start with T but aren’t actually Toms and pretend like I thought they were named Tom.  You know – Tom Danson from Cheers and Tom Danza from Who’s the Boss – and so on.  It was going to be very funny.  I am not going to actually write that one any more, however, so you will just have to take my word for it.

I ended up not writing that because I was tired all week (and cranky about the weather) and then yesterday my computer had something called a KERNAL PANIC which freaked me out.  I took it into the Apple store to get it looked at and they ended up keeping it to run more diagnostic tests.  Who feels like blogging on a borrowed computer?

I mean, I am right now but hopefully that will be over soon enough.

So today I went to King Richard’s Faire.  I had a good time there and I have decided to devote the rest of the week to that topic, or at least to topics relating to it.

For today though, all there will be is just be this really lame, boring post about my Tom Week failure and my broken computer.

Tomorrow: ocarinas!


Not too beardy


This is the first video I ever saw by Youtube vlogger Tom from Australia, alias Frezned.  You probably only have to watch about half of this video to get what he’s about, unless (like me) you are mesmerized by him and want to watch all six minutes of him spiraling into madness.

I watched this and said, “of this man, I must see more.”

Following up on that, I spent an afternoon watching every video he ever made, which is what I do with afternoons probably more often than I ought to.

It was an afternoon well spent, I thought.  I mean, this is the man who uttered the phrase, “I’m like a mind-beard-anti-Samson.  Like from the mind-beard-anti-Bible.”


He also made this fabulous video about ants, in which he takes what is apparently some sort of famous bible-y parable – about a little girl throwing starfishes one at a time into the sea from a giant pile of washed up star fishes and an old man comes up to her and says, “Why are you bothering?  You’ll never save them all, it doesn’t make a difference” and she says, “it makes a difference to this one,” and throws another one in – and tweaks it just a little to make it non-nauseating and hilarious.

I actually heard Frezned’s version first, and I must say I vastly prefer it.

And finally, if you can get past the scary noise that happens a couple of time, this video is BRILLIANT.  You’ll never see the last twist coming!

So that’s Tom from Australia, one of my personal favorite Toms in all the world.  I hope you enjoy him too, and if you have a whole afternoon to spare sometime, I would suggest watching every video he has ever made.




Welcome to The Week of Tom.

Today I took a walk to a bakery that is something like 2 miles from my apartment, and then I walked back, with a detour to the grocery store before I returned.

It is a walk I do (usually with my sister) on occasion when time and weather permits mostly because I feel like I am entitled to eat a cheese danish if I walk four miles to get it and also because the walk brings me through the snooty-falooty neighborhoods of the East Side of Providence.  I spend the walks feverishly imagining the kinds of fabulous lives I would lead if I lived in one of those houses.

From the huge million dollar Colonials and Victorians and fake Tudors on the Boulevard that fun to imagine though they are too big for my real-life taste…

just imagine the classy but fabulous holiday cocktail party I could throw in this house

…to the adorable bungalows and cottages I would actually want to own in Hope Village and genuinely aspire to live in.

I will change the paint color and add a fairytale cottage garden landscape

When I get home from these walks, I usually peruse the real estate listings so that I can understand just how fully out of my reach these dreams are.  I like to use the mortgage calculator, fill in the down payment field with $1000 and laugh at the figures it generates.

And by laugh, I mean cry.

Meanwhile, the whole point of this is that today while I was walking in the brisk fall air down one Burlington Street (on which I have decided to someday live), I was thinking how comfy my Tom’s shoes are for walking and how happy I am that I bought them.

They are delightful strolling shoes, and hold up easily to 4 mile walks.  And maybe a lot of people think they are ugly (a kindergartner asked if I was wearing slippers on Friday) but I think they are adorable, albeit in a homely kind of way.

So there I was, admiring my comfy and wonderful shoes that have brought me nothing but happiness since I bought them and that were enhancing my already excellent walk, when I decided that this should be the Week of Tom, in which I will celebrate all (more likely only some) of the great Toms in the world.

Starting with my shoes.

Shoes, I salute you.