First day of…what? Huh? What was I talking about?


I have a case of first-day-of-school-fuzzy-fog brain.

It is a real thing; look it up.

(Don’t look it up).

First day of school I had 120+ students come through already, plus ugh, plus I had to stay at school for Kindergarten open house.  Tomorrow I have to have kindergartners on their first day of school.  You ever had kindergartners on their first day of school?  It is ugly, sometimes tear-soaked, sometimes urine-soaked.  I will never make it to Friday.

Seriously right now, so much tired; agenda is hot shower, peace signs and Parmesan, Nora Roberts book about sorcerers, goddesses, keys, love (too tired to describe it better, but very great book), then asleep.

leave my Nora alone, I love her


it's like mac and cheese, but for hippies


Back to School Week


“What exactly happened to the promised Dalek Week and its accompanying posts?” you are likely saying to yourself right now.  “I was really looking forward to it.”

I do not blame you; I was looking forward to it too.  To figure out what happened to Dalek Week,  I think we must consider two possible explanations.

The first: due to a crack in the universe, time has been rewritten, resulting in the loss of entire events, entities, people, etc. from our consciousnesses, including Dalek Week and all posts contained therein.

The second: I was lazy and filled with malaise (malaizy, I am calling it) and did not feel like posting all week, even on a topic that inspires me as much as Daleks.

I will leave you to determine which seems more likely.  Search your heart.

Meanwhile, I have decided to table Dalek Week for another time and officially label this week “Back to School Week”, since this is the week when I go back to school and I suspect very little else will be on my mind. For strangers who read this or people who are not privy to the details of my life, school is where I work (not where I attend or matriculate) as a K-5 elementary library media specialist and technology class teacher.

My thoughts on back to school this year are surprising: I am excited!  I had to miss my entire first week due to fallout from the hurricane, and I was actually upset about it.  For the first time in maybe my entire adult life, I was really looking forward to going back to work after a vacation.

I am not exaggerating when I say this has never, ever happened to me before.  Ever.

Still, I did have a nice couple of extra days off, during which I: went to see Our Idiot Brother and enjoyed it, ate at Harry’s Bar and Burger, watched 6 straight hours of Youtube videos, reread for the tenth time or so a Nora Roberts’ book about (among other things) vampires, and took a four mile walk to Seven Stars’ Bakery for a cheese danish.  These are the kinds of things I do when I get unexpected days off.

I had to take a pause in watching Battlestar Galactica for the time being because the events at the beginning of season 3 were sinking me into a deep depression.  To counteract all that BSG, I decided the remedy I needed was a little BSC.  So I reread Babysitter’s Club #8: Boy-Crazy Stacey and Babysitter’s Club #10: Logan Likes Maryann.

Those were by far my two favorite BSC books when I was a youth, and they certainly did not disappoint.  Particularly since in Boy-Crazy Stacey, she and Maryann go to THE JERSEY SHORE with the Pike family and it was fun to imagine the antics of Snooki et. al.  occuring as a backdrop to the oodles of babysitting and boy drama.

I also went to Zumba class at my gym, which is BSC (Boston Sports Club) but that was not nearly as much fun as the Babysitter’s Club books.

Meanwhile, I am still looking forward to school.  I think this will be my breakout year, during which I discover that I am not only kind of good at my job, but actually pretty good at it.

Meanwhile, Facebook told me this today and it seems super-duper appropriate for Back to School Week here at FauxSpectacles:

On this day in 2009:

N.B. wore her (fake) glasses to school yesterday so everyone could recognize her as a Technology Teacher, which probably worked.