I Suck Week?


I spend more time on this website apologizing for failing to meet my self-imposed quota of themed posts each week than I do actually writing themed posts.  This is kind of a problem.  A problem that I certainly intend to remedy…

…after this week, anyway.

See, this week is Book Fair Week.  Anyone who knows me personally will know that the book fair is truly the bane of my existence.  Hosting a book fair for five, six and seven-year-old children is a roller coaster of excitement (theirs) and tears (theirs sometimes, but more often mine).

I have never been one to thrive on extremes of emotion, even good emotions like excitement…I mostly find too much excitement draining.  So between the stress and all the excitement wafting my way, I find this week entirely distasteful.

So although I was toying with “I Suck Week” to atone for how much I suck at posting regularly to a theme, I have decided this week needs to be Stay Sane Week.

Stay Sane Week.

That means that whatever it takes to stay sane this coming week, I shall do it.

Even if it means not posting and apologizing for it next Sunday, or if it means that I post complaints every day or cute kittens wearing costumes or whatever.

omg WHAT?!?

Today, in anticipation of the crappy week to come, I focused on relaxing so that I could preemptively stay sane.

I woke up without an alarm and then I laid in bed and finished a book called The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson, which was very, very good.  You should read it.

I showered (leisurely, of course) and had an egg with a runny yolk.  I walked to my favorite bakery and had a danish and coffee, then walked back and detoured to Thayer Street to buy tights and knee socks (one of the many highlights of every fall for me, so much do I love knee socks and tights ).

I popped into a couple shops, including a book store where I bought a birthday gift for someone and acquired a new bumper sticker for my car.  It is one of those little black letter on white oval ones and it says READ.  Simple, but fitting.  As I add it to my Doctor Who bumper sticker and my I [tomato] My Farmer bumper sticker, I am beginning to really paint a picture of Who I Am on the back of my car.

[Side note: Are bumper stickers really lame?  I get the feeling that most people consider them to be, but I find my stupid black Corolla so generic (especially following the glory of a 1990 Volvo 240) that I feel compelled to set myself apart through the use of bumper stickers.  I won’t stop, even if it is lame, but I do sometimes give pause.]

After shopping, I returned home,  cooked a roast chicken and leek potato soup and baked muffins.  The chicken and soup were delicious and sure to provide me with wholesome meals for days to come.  The muffins smell totally phenom and look gorgeous, although I cannot yet speak to their tastiness.  I have a very spotty track record with muffin-baking, so I do not necessarily have the highest of hopes on that front.  Still – the smell!!  Amazing.

should have tied the legs, but still...awesome

the chicken skin looks globby and gross here, but it wasn't. oh, it wasn't.

gorgeous, right?

So that was Sunday’s Stay Sane effort.  Now I shall have a cup of tea, watch a romantic comedy and write some letters that I plan to actually send through the mail.

(Big talk for someone who hand made about 20 Christmas cards last year – paint!  glitter! Doctor Who holiday-themed joke! – and failed to deliver even a one…)

Here’s to staying sane!  Feel free to share all the ways you stay sane when you are stressed!


Incredible, also edible.


Well, I think we can agree: yoga week was a huge success!  I mean this of course both yoga-doing-wise and blog-writing-wise.  I mean, I did yoga that one time and posted about it twice (once to complain about it). Yurp…I am on a roll.

You know what else I’d like to have on a roll?

Egg salad!

Welcome to Egg Week!!!

True Story about me and eggs: when I was a child, I did not like them.  Sure, I ate your deviled eggs at the cookouts  (they will get their own post during Egg Week) but for the most part if I was served eggs as a youth I was all, “blergh.”

Now I love them.   I am no Julia Roberts as Maggie Carpenter in Runaway Bride all confused about how she likes her eggs, and indeed, whether she even likes them at all.

Nope, I love them hard-boiled with a bit of salt. I love them fried with a runny yolk.  I love them scrambled with hot sauce.  I love them…hmm…other ways I am sure- those last three are the main ways I eat eggs.

So get ready for some cutting edge egg-themed writing in the next couple days.  And now we try the poll feature of this website!!!