Darcy, my homie


So there is a new Youtube vlog series called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is retelling Pride and Prejudice via video blog.  Obviously for this to work, the story has been updated to the present and is being adapted as such.

I heard about it because Hank Green (blogger, vlogger, Nerdfighter and inspiration) is the Executive Producer, and I follow just about everything he does and naturally he has been promoting it.

I find that I am interested in the project.  Sometimes the vlog format seems a little awkward and forced, especially in the first couple episodes.  I’ve kept coming back for more, though: I subscribed to the channel, and I have started, early days though it is, looking forward to new episodes on Mondays and Thursday.  I haven’t quite reached the stage where I’ve started following all the pretend characters on Twitter and Tumblr, but I am sure that is just one bored, rainy Sunday afternoon away.

If I were not insanely tired, I’d have tried to write a more content-rich musing on the topic of: Literature2.0!!!  The novel format of the future? I would have discussed how social media and the computer age have affected the way we consume literature and it would have been very intelligent and insightful.

Instead, I am just going to embed some episodes:

The first I’ve included is the first episode, which is one of my least favorites but where you should probably start.  The second is the most recent episode, in which this series presents a Lydia that (for a change!) I find entertaining rather than entirely hateful.


filaments, filaments, filaments


OMG guys, I was watching a rerun of New Girl tonight and Jess put some sexy lace underwear on her head and said, “I hope Mr. Darcy likes my new bonnet” in a poshy British accent.  How appropriate for Pride and Prejudice week, am I right?

Besides that, I don’t really feel like writing about P&P today.

Instead I am going to make an off-topic bullet list of all the ideas I very nearly posted to Twitter today, but then didn’t:

  • If I could meet a guy I like half as much as I like microwave burritos, I’d marry him tomorrow.
  • Tried on one of every single type of exercise bottom they have at Target today. Like literally.
  • Russian Model on New Girl made my day. MICK MOUSE!?!?  Classic.
  • Why do they put seams right down the front of jogging pants?  It’s like they want me to have a camel toe.
  • End of the year fifth graders.  Am I right?
  • You know when you’re boiling a chicken and you completely forget about it?  The WORST!
  • My new deodorant smells like the deodorant I used in Ireland.  Please excuse me while I sniff my armpits and get carried away by the olfactory nostalgia.
  • I overuse the phrase, “am I right,”, am I right??
  • Coworker asked if he had indeed seen me singing and dancing by myself in the copy room, and I answered, “I was just talking to the printer.”  Which was true, but no less weird.

I bet you are thinking “I’d for certain like to follow this person on Twitter to keep myself up-to-the-minute with her zany, mad-cap adventures.  What is her Twitter ID thingy?”

It’s Fauxspectacles, in case you are feeling enticed.

OH!  And I almost forgot:

I am late to this game but Ze Frank is amazing.  I watched this video and also all his other ones and I’m all, “MAN, he’s brilliant” the whole time, because MAN, he is.  His face alone makes him worth subscribing to.

A Truth Universally Acknowledged


Happy Pride and Prejudice Week!

I have been trying to make my way through P&P on DVD for the last three nights, but I keep falling asleep.

It’s pretty pathetic, actually, because it isn’t even the kagillion-hour Firth I’m attempting, just the regular-feature-film-length Knightley.  Lately though (and maybe this is symptomatic of adulthood or maybe I have TV-induced narcolepsy) I cannot make it past five minutes of any TV or movie if I am laying down.

I’m hoping to make it all the way tonight.  To “I love…I love…I love you” and beyond.

Since all this Pride and Prejudice has been getting subliminally pumped into my brain right as I have been right on the edge of dreamland, the story has been very seriously on my mind lately.   Hence its place as my theme this week.

Now, on the subject of Pride and Prejudice: is it my favorite Austen?

Officially, no.

Persuasion is so romantic, what with with all its seasides, yearning, and sexy love-letter-writing.  I can relate to Anne Elliot, who’s a bit of an old maid at 27; I live in constant fear of Losing my Bloom.  It also happens to be (I am pretty sure) the shortest Austen.

These factors combine to make it totes my fave.

At the same time, Persuasion has nothing like the cult surrounding Pride and Prejudice.  No satisfactory film versions have been made of it, nor has it been retold in a million modern versions the way P&P has been.

(I mean Prada and Prejudice and Prom and Prejudice are both things that happened, after all)

No other Austen can beat Pride and Prejudice in terms of participation in a fandom, and for that reason it will always remain my sentimental favorite, if not my “I like the book best” favorite.

Now that you know that important bit of information, I better wrap this up.  I will fall asleep before Lady Catherine de Bourgh can utter a single THUS if I do not get this show on the road.  Look forward to more P&P-cult-fandom type nonsense in the days to come though!  I’m EXCITED!