Chicken Cutlet Night


Not that this is exclusive to November or anything, but we’ve just had Chicken Cutlet* Night and it was glorious – a perfect cap to an otherwise pretty awesome day.

Today marked the start of my winter farmer’s market, which was super-busy and had an amazing energy that made me excited about life.  The situation there was such that I am genuinely looking forward to sacrificing sleeping in on every Saturday morning so I can work the old family chicken n’ eggs booth.

Besides the great energy, there were oodles of tasty local foods and stuff which I will spend the next several months sampling and purchasing at a rate of $20 per week (self-imposed spending limit lest I go bananas), spread around to various vendors.

Today I got parsnips, swiss chard and brussels sprouts (that looked like JINGLE BELLS no less) from a veggie stand, and a creamy jalepeno cheese spread from Naragansett Creamery (really very delicious), along with a loaf of sourdough bread (and okay, a brownie) from Seven Stars.

coolest looking vegetable ever, and delicious too

PLUS I got free half-empty jars of condiments from a vendor who had opened the jars for sampling (Mustard & Dill dipping sauce = AMAZING!)

After that I got to hang out with a cute puppy while drinking a (FREE!) chai and peruse the mall (but NOT buy anything!  No-buy-vember still on!) and then it was home for Chicken Cutlet Night.

We made oven roasted brussels sprouts, parsnip chips and chicken cutlets. We used Emeril’s recipe for fried chicken, which we know from experience is phenomenal, but we replaced cut-up chicken parts with thinly pounded chicken cutlets.  They were significantly easier to cook and still awfully delicious.  Also, everything else was delicious too.

Now I am actually going to leave my house AGAIN after 10:00 pm to go to a place that serves alcohol and has people in it.  Crazy.

This November is starting out great, what with the writing, the not buying things, the promise of lots of beards to come and Chicken Cutlet Night.  I have high hopes for it as a month in general. I cannot wait for the other amazing things I get to buy and/or cook after next week’s farmer’s market – I am definitely eying cranberries and sausages for next time.

Seriously, the anticipation is palpable.

Oh – and other highlights for things that happen in November since today is the last day of Things That Happen in November Week:

  • a variety of birthdays, like Lauren’s and Gabby’s and Allison’s and Canadian super star Bryan Adams
  • Thanksgiving, a holiday which I always appreciate and enjoy
  • My first year getting to miss the Thanksgiving Feast at school, which is really something to be Thankful for
  • the start of Holiday Season, which I would maintain is the most wonderful time of the year

happy birthday and thanks for the songs


*or as Tessa calls it now, “chicky chicky chicky chick”


Men With Beards


Men growing beards.  That’s a thing that happens in November.

Sometimes it is just moustaches apparently (officially the website for Movember is all about moustaches only, which I suppose explains the “Mo” bit).  But I think most men around town tend to go full throttle with the beards in November in support of mens’ type cancers.  And by “in support of” I mean they DO NOT support mens’ type cancers – they want to stop them and stuff.

I appreciate this entire endeavor, cuz I loves me a man with a beard.

This is one of my favorite things about November.  True story.

Here are some nice looking celebrities sporting beards, just to get you excited for what the end of November should look like for us all:

was going to make a pun about jon HAMM-SOME but then remembered that handsome is spelled with an "n"


bringing sexy beards back, am I right?


jesus-chrisitan-bale may have inspired my initial love of beards, honestly. too creepy?


the once and future beard. yummy.


Yay for November Beards!



Another thing that happens in November is Nanowrimo.

That is National Novel Writing Month, wherein you sign up and pledge to write a 50,000 word novel during November.

This is my second year signing up for Nanowrimo and if I complete it, it will be my first time doing that.  Last year I made it about 7,000 words in, which is more than 10% but still rather lackluster.

I am pretty determined to finish (or “win” as they say) this time around.

I’ll probably just write the whole thing this weekend, get it out of the way.

But actually, though, 50,000 is a lot of words and I am afraid I might not finish again.

Following through with things is just not a strength of mine (as a “for example” – I bought new pajamas today because Friday is Pajama Day at school, and last Pajama Day my students were all like, “Those are the pajamas you wore LAST Pajama Day” so I NEEDED new pajamas, right? And so the No-buy-vember fail happens on 11/2…except I am going to try to get my sister to reimburse me the cost of my pajamas since she never got me a birthday present, thus un-failing me!)

Anyway – Nanowrimo.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ima wear my Viking hat while I write my novel (I have one, you know)



Welcome to Things That Happen in November Week, in which I discuss things that happen in November.

Our first event to celebrate is No-buy-vember!!!

See, I’ve always said to myself – “Niki, you should have a no-buy month.  Take a month off from needless shopping and save a little – nothing but groceries and other necessity-type things.”

I expect it surprises no one to discover that I always failed to follow through with any previous attempts at no-buy months. I typically last about a week.  Less than, sometimes.  I just like buying things, I can’t help it always saying things like, “this 8 dollar bottle of organic shampoo is a necessity, right?  I mean my other shampoo will run out someday!”

To make sure this whole No-buy-vember thing really sticks this time around, I devised a BRILLIANT plan, which was that I went shopping TODAY, October 31st while it is still allowed.  Bought a couple cami’s, a sweater, a scarf, a frankly adorable lunch box and an overpriced plaid umbrella (I did break my umbrella last week, to be fair).

Yeah….not such a great plan, I suppose, when you say it out loud.  Hopefully it will keep me fixed for a bit though, eh?

I reeeeally want to succeed this time, maybe throw a little more cash at my special “Trip to France” savings account, which I have been working on for a couple months now and which is, frankly, PATHETIC.

at current pace, Trip to France will happen in late 2017

I think it will be smart to situate my no-buy month right before Christmas time.  Plus I am feeling a little extra hermit-y lately, so it’s not like I’ve been leaving the house much.  And also, “No-buy-vember” is such brilliant wordplay, you know, right?  I’m a genius!