Shuffle up and deal…


Continuing the riff on this week’s theme: Hey!  My iPod is On Repeat!

(Fair warning: I have already scrolled through my first three songs – prepare to have your mind blown with high-quality, certified-awesome taste in music.)

Song #1: “One More Time With Feeling” by Regina Spektor off the album Far

My history with this song: Regina Spektor is probably my favorite singer of songs, and for sure my favorite singer of songs who is currently singing songs and is a woman.  The album Far came out in Summer 2009, right after I finished graduate school; I was all existential-crisis-y looking for a job.  I suppose as a balm to the fact that I could hardly even find jobs to apply for, and that when I did, I managed to do stupid things like get my phone number wrong on my resume, I began a summer-long rereading marathon of Nora Roberts’ romance novels.  I only remember that I had this Nora Roberts’ sesh because I also happened to be listening to Far on repeat at the same time.  I am fairly sure that for the rest of my life whenever I hear a song from this album, I will be instantly transported to the fictional Manhattan bar Lower the Boom, the setting of more than one Stanislaski-family romance.

worst cover ever, right? still - SUCH a good book. Ish.

Meanwhile, as regards this particular song off the album Far – it’s not my most favorite, but I still like it a lot.  I also appreciate that its title reminds me of the Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling.”(The song I’ve included below?  Also on my iPod, just in case you had any doubt)

Awful/Great?  Obviously Regina is excellent stuff, even though I can imagine she does not appeal to all.  I would prefer not speak to my Nora Roberts habit at this time.

Song #2: “Holland, 1945” by Neutral Milk Hotel off the album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

My history with this song: Got the album senior year of college from Mia, who used to supply me with a steady stream of awesome music from bands I had never heard of.  Still listen to it all the time.  Love this song the most, particularly the phrase “the world just screams and falls apart”, which I once used as the title of a mix CD that I made during a time of moderate depression.  Use this song on my gym mix for treadmill-running, for which it is incredibly well-suited.

Awful/Great?  I warned you that you would have bow down to my good taste.  Everyone agrees that Neutral Milk Hotel are geniuses (don’t they?).  Plus – young adult writer/my hero John Green also loves them, which is enough for me.

Song #3: “Gonna Get Along Without You Now” by She & Him off the album Volume Two

My history with this song: I used to have a record with this song on it when I was kid that I would listen to all the time.  It also had songs like “What’s New Pussycat?”  (sung by children, not Tom Jones), “The Name Game” and the “3-6-9, the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line” song (is that supposed to be a children’s song?  because in addition to the vice-ridden activities, the monkey gets choked and they all go to heaven in a little rowboat.  I don’t think it is a children’s song after all, but it remains pretty excellent…).

Anyway, when She & Him Volume 2 came out, I was really thrilled to hear the cover of “Gonna Get Along Without You Now”, which I hadn’t thought about since I was like 7.  I don’t really like the rest of Volume 2, besides this song actually.  I do , however, pretty much like Zooey Deschanel’s new TV show New Girl…which I feel is somehow relevant to the conversation, even though it isn’t really.  I am loving the character of Schmidt, in case you were wondering, and I look forward to continued romantic tension between Nick and Jess.

schmidt's sweet 'mono is the stuff of legend

Awful/Great? I feel like some people probably hate the She & Him and Zooey, and others love them and her.  Still – I suspect this song gives me a little more cred than the Justin Bieber that could have (and still might, later in the week) come up in this game.

Stay tuned – there might yet be some Bieber in this if that is your thing!


Do the iPod Shuffle


Welcome to “Hey!  My iPod is on Shuffle Week”, in which I put my iPod on shuffle, and share the first one to three songs that come up, discuss my history with those songs and then try to justify my awful taste (or impress you with my excellent taste, depending on what kind of mood my iPod is in).

what secrets shall my shuffle reveal?

Let’s just jump in, shall we?  iPod’s on Shuffle…and….GO!

Song #1: “That Thing You Do!” by the Oneders (later Wonders) from the That Thing You Do! Soundtrack

My history with this song: Seriously – of all the songs to come up first?!?  I saw the movie That Thing You Do! on a “group date” in 8th grade with my then boyfriend Richard, which was my first date ever (even if it was only a pseudo-date).  We sat close, and he put his arm around me and it was nice.  In retrospect I strongly suspect he was trying to figure out a way to grope my chest (he was unsuccessful), but at the time I was blissfully unaware of any potential hidden agendas.  That night was also the night of my first kiss, which happened outside the Apple Valley movie theater while we waited for our rides; it was really nice – no tongues or anything, just pleasantness.  The next day I went to the mall with the girls  who had also been on the group date with me and we all bought the “That Thing You Do!” single on cassette tape.  Ahhh, the winter of 1997.

Awful Taste or Great Taste?  Tough call, right?  This song has so much personal history for me, and you cannot deny that it is catchy so I can’t see myself having to justify it.  Then again, that movie was pretty awful and it is kind of a silly song – too close to call, I say.

Song #2: “Maid Marion” composed by Michael Kamen off the Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves Soundtrack

My History with this song: When I came up with this theme week, my first thought was, “I bet that iPod is going to spit out some Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Soundtrack music” and lo – out it comes second.  As you probably know about me, I loved that movie when I first saw it at the age of 8 and I still love it, a lot.  I own it on special-edition 2-disc DVD.  I just watched it last night, in fact, in a completely weird bit of coincidence (I was seriously jonesing for some Alan Rickman after watching Harry Potter).  So when I say that I love the soundtrack perhaps even more than the movie, you gotta know that means something.  Apart from the fact that it has my favorite song “Everything I Do [I Do It For You]” on it, the score is beautiful and Robin Hood-y and wonderful.  I actually also owned this one on cassette tape, and then I bought it again on CD before transferring the entire soundtrack to my iPod. The “Maid Marion” theme incorporates the melody from “Everything I Do [I Do It For You]”, initially played on oboe, until the sweeping swell of the strings takes it away.  GORGEOUS!

Awful or Great? I’m sorry, but any haters out there have me contend with – you should be impressed by my great taste right now, and I will defend this movie/score/track till the day I die.


Song #3: “Gimmeakiss” by the Avett Brothers off the album Four Thieves Gone

My history with this song: I like the Avett Brothers a lot, having gotten into them when Tess and I were going to go to the Newport Folk Fest two years ago where they were performing (which we didn’t end up doing).  I really like this song – I like the singer’s rough, shouty voice and I like the lyrics.  I don’t have much of a personal history with this song – I listened to the whole album Four Thieves Gone in the last month or so of school during the first year at my job. As I counted down the weeks until summer, this album gave me a sense of summer-y excitement that I suppose I still associate with it.  Still – I mostly just like it.

Awful/Great?  Great, obviously.  The Avett Brothers are one of the bands that lend an air of respectability to my otherwise sort of silly iPod contents.

And that does it for today.  Tune in later in the week as I delve further into the heart of my iPod and explore my mostly amazing taste in music.