outstanding in that capacity


So earlier tonight I found myself sitting alone in the dark in my apartment, eating chocolate cake and watching The Breakfast Club on DVD.

Writing it out like that, it occurs to me that some people might interpret that situation as sad or lame or lonely sounding.  But to be clear about things, I am sharing this with you because it was awesome.  So transcendentally awesome that I felt the need to write about it, even though I don’t have much to say beyond what I have already said.

Except to add that Judd Nelson is very attractive for someone with such large nostrils, is he not? Also I just found this drawing at an ETSY shop while searching for pictures of him, and I love it, wonky eyes and all:

Other (unrelated) things I wanted to share with you:

– Here is the link to Ina Garten’s Tabbouleh recipe.  It is delicious and quick and healthy and did I mention delicious?  I make it and I mix in a little feta cheese and put it on my salad instead of salad dressing.  This tabbouleh is an important part of my life these days; it is phenomenal.

– This video is beautiful (as are his previous videos, too).  We are all just people, man!  Cry cry cry.


– Ever have a vanilla steamer?  It is just steamed milk and vanilla syrup.  You should try one, unless you think you wouldn’t enjoy drinking pure happiness in a cup.  Is it a little too sweet and also totally bad for you?  Yes but I just do not care on a crispy fall night when I happen to pass by a Starbuck.

– I like my job, guys.  I like kids so very much, even (or maybe even especially) when they go on about protecting their library books from swooping eagles.  Seriously, swooping eagles absconding with library books in their talons is not exactly the number one problem plaguing students in the library today (uncapped water bottles in the backpack probably is) but one kid thought that scenario up and shared it, and then his classmates just ran with it.  Adorbs.

So many good things going on in my life lately, I could probably go on and on.  I’ll stop, though, because shit is about to get real at Shermer High and I need to give John Bender my full attention.