The Doctor, a mutt


This is my completely pretend puppy The Doctor, who is a mutt that I adopted from the local animal shelter.  He is named The Doctor because I love Doctor Who, but Dalek Puppy seemed like too silly a name for any dog.

If I didn't currently live above a dentist's office, I'd adopt him today.

In the life where The Doctor is my puppy, I live on the East Side of Providence.  I work as an elementary school library media specialist.  In my spare time I watch too much streaming TV on Netflix, read young adult books, grow my own vegetables and otherwise start a variety of fun and creative projects that remain in various stages of completion (mostly leaning heavily on the side of “incomplete”).

It is a pretty nice life, I suppose, and quite similar to the one I currently lead except that in this life I don’t live above a dentist’s office and I can afford to have a puppy.

Also, Andria’s pretend puppy story, plus one of the greatest puppy pictures I’ve ever seen that she sent to go along with it:

My dog, Nigel, is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is descended from the same line as the Queen of England. That means he is aristocratic, and a bit of an asshole, but he loves me exclusively. We divide our time between my country estate where I pen novels, essays and articles about profound things and silly things that I make seem profound; and our London estate where I stay when I have to take a lot of meetings with my editor and during the theatre/ ballet season.

**And when I say my dog is descended from the Queen of England, I mean descended from her dogs, not herself.

it's a dog...riding a horse!

Also, Ewok Puppy!!!!!

this puppy is pretending to be an ewok

I feel like I didn’t get to half of what I wanted to talk about during Pretend Puppy Week, having focused so fully on my own personal pretend puppies instead of all the other kinds of pretend puppies out in the world (I’m talking about you, Chinese panda puppies!).  The upshot of that is that you can someday expect Pretend Puppy Week 2: More Pretend Puppies!  I’ll save that week for later though, as I am currently looking forward to Covers Week, which starts tomorrow.