Egg Cream Triptych


Made an egg cream, took pictures

It's made of chocolate syrup, seltzer, milk



Faux spEGGtacles


Here are some things with egg in their names that aren’t really eggs:

Egg Biscuits

My Auntie Nancy makes these egg biscuits, has been making them forever -she is a serious expert in egg biscuits.   They are delicious, with a hint of anise flavor and also other flavors too, that I am sure add to the deliciousness even though I do not know what they are (sugar, egg, vanilla, maybe?).  This photo is a plate of actual egg biscuits left over from those brought by my Auntie Nancy to my sisters’ cookout on Sunday, which I intend to eat after I finish writing this post (by which I mean, I intend to take a break from writing this post after this sentence and eat them before I finish).

love egg biscuits.

Egg Nog:

Generally speaking, I object to the creeping of Christmas into seasons where it does not belong.  The proper calendrical position for Christmas season lies between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, and having holiday stuff appearing in stores in October makes me unhappy….but for one notable exception, that is.   Nog.  This stuff is like a controlled substance here at the Burrow – we genuinely have to measure out our servings lest we down an entire carton and take in an entire week’s worth of calories and saturated fat in a nog-induced frenzy.

single greatest cinematic nog portrayal in history


Absolutely brilliant.

Egg Cream:

I have never had an egg cream, which is an old-fashioned soda shoppe creation made of milk, chocolate syrup and seltzer.  Apparently.  No eggs at all, but still sounds like it might be right up my alley.  The plan was to make myself an egg cream, do myself up 1960s-style and photograph myself sipping it so I could personally describe and document the experience of enjoying an egg cream.  But my tummy hurts (all those egg biscuits, you know) so I am going to save that for tomorrow.  In case you hadn’t noticed, Egg Week is running long so that I can get back on a normal theme week posting schedule that runs from Sunday to Saturday or something – so there is plenty of time for an egg cream photoshoot, don’t you worry.

Creme Egg:

The lexical reverse of the egg cream – the Creme Egg by Cadbury.  These are perhaps of my favorite totally eggless egg product, despite how truly gross they are.  Click on this sentence here to have your the Cadbury-Creme-Egg-loving part of your mind blown.

Okay.  That’s all for now!