Fans of the television show Star Trek are called Trekkers.  Don’t call them Trekkies, unless you want to come across like some super-lame nerd-philistine.

“Trekkers are the most enduring and famous fan base with a name” is a fact.  Okay, not an actual fact…but I imagine it is probably true.  And though I am not a Trekker, I have certainly toyed with going back and watching the show…pretty much just because I really like participating in Fandoms.

I have realized as an adult that not everyone becomes a FAN of things the way I do.  They don’t buy sonic screw drivers and fezzes, paint glitter Daleks, make countless iron-on-transfer t-shirts about Ron Weasley, have the words “Winter is Coming” on their desktop background, worry that they may actually be a Cylon, or put Nerf Herder on every single work-out mix they’ve ever made.

I really particularly like it when fan bases have a name.  I like being able to declare that I am a “________”, even if I am only a casual one.  TV shows (Gleeks), musicians (Fanilows), movies (Achievers, which are fans of Big Lebowski apparently), books (Twi-hards) all have fandoms.

I self-identify with none of those listed, FYI.

I do, however, self-identify with some others.  For example, I am a:

  • Whovian

I don’t actually have my certification.

  • Scooby:
buffy scoobies Buffy Scooby Gang T Shirt

That’s a Buffy Fan

  • Browncoat

Firefly. Seriously Whedon Fans really like to organize.

  • Nerdfighter

Youtube Vloggers Hank and John Green and their online community

  • Sportsracer

Ze Frank, GENIUS

Still – so many of the shows, movies, books that I love the most do not have universally-agreed-upon fandom names. In my research, I found this comic strip, with which I very much identified:

Srsly, man- what ARE they called?

Apparently some people called Harry Potter fans “Potterheads” which I think is a straight-up dumb name, and it certainly doesn’t span the fan population.  I’d rather be a part of Dumbledore’s Army or some other name that is better than that, because that’s not very good either.

Of course, lack of a name is not going to stop me from participating in a Fandom because it’s only like, my favorite thing to do.  I have a suspicion that as long as there are new nerdy shows and movies and musicians and books, I’ll still be inspired to be a FAN.

Get it?!?!? If not, we can’t be friends any more.


Benedict Cumberbatch


People With Cool Names is our theme this week, my friends.

The inspiration for this theme can be traced directly to PBS, 9 p.m. Sherlock season 2 – A Scandal in Belgravia.  I just learned at 8:47 from Simon Pegg on Twitter that it was airing, which is a BRILLIANT and exciting surprise.  It gave me just enough time to put on pj’s and steal my sister’s last San Pellegrino Pompelmo from the fridge and contemplate the perfection of the name “Benedict Cumberbatch” for 13 minutes.

Pompelmo is the GREATEST DRINK, btw

Seriously, if your last name is Cumberbatch, what do you name your child?

Tim Cumberbatch?  Will Cumberbatch? Aidan Cumberbatch?  John Cumberbatch?


I say if you’re a Cumberbatch you go big or go home.  Benedict Cumberbatch, excellent choice.  Percy or Valentine or Claude Lionel, also good choices and also all real Cumberbatches that I have found reference to at this website that is all about the Cumberbatch last surname.

Also, is another website entirely devoted to the name Cumberbatch and I think it is awesome that this exists.  I feel like ALL SURNAMES should have a .org associated with them, especially mine.  Someone get on that.

And finally, you know what is awesome about Benedict Cumberbatch besides his name?

His FACE.  He has the BEST FACE I have ever seen in all of face-dom.  Just look at it!!!  It’s BRILLIANT.  I may even like his face more than I like Matt Smith face.

Whoa, okay no.  I like Matt Smith’s face the best of all faces, but Benedict still has an amazing face.

This is my favorite face, actually. Boringest name, though.

“Look at those cheekbones. I could cut myself slapping that face” said a dominatrix in tonight’s episode.  True that, dominatrix.



Twelve is a special and mystical number.

It is the number of months in the calendar year, the number of days of Christmas.

It is the number of Angry Men and the number of Monkeys that started that outbreak or whatever.

It is the number of cranial nerves you have, at least hopefully, without which you couldn’t do good stuff like smell, taste, and move your eyes laterally.

It’s the number of inches in a foot and knights of the round table and Olympian gods and goddesses.

It is the number of models of Cylon.

It will be the designation of the next Doctor, a regeneration to which I am both looking forward and dreading.  Looking forward to it because it is thrilling to get a new Doctor and all part of the magic of the show.  Dreading it because I love Matt Smith’s Eleven.  LOVE HIM, I say.

Twelve is also the number of our new year, and this week’s theme.  Gird yourself for some fascinating forth-coming duodecuple lists pertaining to my life!

I Suck Week?


I spend more time on this website apologizing for failing to meet my self-imposed quota of themed posts each week than I do actually writing themed posts.  This is kind of a problem.  A problem that I certainly intend to remedy…

…after this week, anyway.

See, this week is Book Fair Week.  Anyone who knows me personally will know that the book fair is truly the bane of my existence.  Hosting a book fair for five, six and seven-year-old children is a roller coaster of excitement (theirs) and tears (theirs sometimes, but more often mine).

I have never been one to thrive on extremes of emotion, even good emotions like excitement…I mostly find too much excitement draining.  So between the stress and all the excitement wafting my way, I find this week entirely distasteful.

So although I was toying with “I Suck Week” to atone for how much I suck at posting regularly to a theme, I have decided this week needs to be Stay Sane Week.

Stay Sane Week.

That means that whatever it takes to stay sane this coming week, I shall do it.

Even if it means not posting and apologizing for it next Sunday, or if it means that I post complaints every day or cute kittens wearing costumes or whatever.

omg WHAT?!?

Today, in anticipation of the crappy week to come, I focused on relaxing so that I could preemptively stay sane.

I woke up without an alarm and then I laid in bed and finished a book called The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson, which was very, very good.  You should read it.

I showered (leisurely, of course) and had an egg with a runny yolk.  I walked to my favorite bakery and had a danish and coffee, then walked back and detoured to Thayer Street to buy tights and knee socks (one of the many highlights of every fall for me, so much do I love knee socks and tights ).

I popped into a couple shops, including a book store where I bought a birthday gift for someone and acquired a new bumper sticker for my car.  It is one of those little black letter on white oval ones and it says READ.  Simple, but fitting.  As I add it to my Doctor Who bumper sticker and my I [tomato] My Farmer bumper sticker, I am beginning to really paint a picture of Who I Am on the back of my car.

[Side note: Are bumper stickers really lame?  I get the feeling that most people consider them to be, but I find my stupid black Corolla so generic (especially following the glory of a 1990 Volvo 240) that I feel compelled to set myself apart through the use of bumper stickers.  I won’t stop, even if it is lame, but I do sometimes give pause.]

After shopping, I returned home,  cooked a roast chicken and leek potato soup and baked muffins.  The chicken and soup were delicious and sure to provide me with wholesome meals for days to come.  The muffins smell totally phenom and look gorgeous, although I cannot yet speak to their tastiness.  I have a very spotty track record with muffin-baking, so I do not necessarily have the highest of hopes on that front.  Still – the smell!!  Amazing.

should have tied the legs, but still...awesome

the chicken skin looks globby and gross here, but it wasn't. oh, it wasn't.

gorgeous, right?

So that was Sunday’s Stay Sane effort.  Now I shall have a cup of tea, watch a romantic comedy and write some letters that I plan to actually send through the mail.

(Big talk for someone who hand made about 20 Christmas cards last year – paint!  glitter! Doctor Who holiday-themed joke! – and failed to deliver even a one…)

Here’s to staying sane!  Feel free to share all the ways you stay sane when you are stressed!



Is there anything in life more pleasant than sitting down and sharing good sausages with good friends?

A clue: no.

Is there anything funnier than taking the word sausages and inserting it into movie titles?

You be the judge:

Four Weddings and a Sausage.  Robin Hood: Sausage in Tights.  Sausage, Actually.  Sausage on a Hot Tin Roof.  Definitely, Sausage.  When Harry Met Sausage.  The Princess Sausage.  28 Sausages Later (not to be confused with 28 Sausages, starring Sandra Bullock).  Six Days Seven Sausages.  Sausage Force One.  The Seven-Year Sausage.  How to Train Your Sausage.  You’ve Got Sausage.

I could go on.

Is there a nicer way to end your day than catching the latest episode of Doctor Who with the pleasantly lingering aroma of sausages clinging to your apartment?

I should think not.  Well, except for the lingering aroma of sausages – nobody really likes smelling like sausages, even if they love eating sausages.

Scent of a Sausage. Haha.

Inspired by Sausagefest ’11, which was a pretty simple, easy idea (eat a variety of sausages with good people), I have decided this will be Simple Pleasures Week.  I hope to post every day to atone for my spotty record in the last two weeks.  Still, I will hopefully be able to keep them short since Simple Pleasures, by their very nature, shouldn’t take too long to describe and I will probably still be exhausted every day because the second week of school is almost as tough as the first.

Meanwhile, leave your best sausage-movie-title insertion in the comments!  There is a good chance we already came up with it, but the delight never ceases and we certainly missed a few.

The Doctor, a mutt


This is my completely pretend puppy The Doctor, who is a mutt that I adopted from the local animal shelter.  He is named The Doctor because I love Doctor Who, but Dalek Puppy seemed like too silly a name for any dog.

If I didn't currently live above a dentist's office, I'd adopt him today.

In the life where The Doctor is my puppy, I live on the East Side of Providence.  I work as an elementary school library media specialist.  In my spare time I watch too much streaming TV on Netflix, read young adult books, grow my own vegetables and otherwise start a variety of fun and creative projects that remain in various stages of completion (mostly leaning heavily on the side of “incomplete”).

It is a pretty nice life, I suppose, and quite similar to the one I currently lead except that in this life I don’t live above a dentist’s office and I can afford to have a puppy.

Also, Andria’s pretend puppy story, plus one of the greatest puppy pictures I’ve ever seen that she sent to go along with it:

My dog, Nigel, is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is descended from the same line as the Queen of England. That means he is aristocratic, and a bit of an asshole, but he loves me exclusively. We divide our time between my country estate where I pen novels, essays and articles about profound things and silly things that I make seem profound; and our London estate where I stay when I have to take a lot of meetings with my editor and during the theatre/ ballet season.

**And when I say my dog is descended from the Queen of England, I mean descended from her dogs, not herself.

it's a dog...riding a horse!

Also, Ewok Puppy!!!!!

this puppy is pretending to be an ewok

I feel like I didn’t get to half of what I wanted to talk about during Pretend Puppy Week, having focused so fully on my own personal pretend puppies instead of all the other kinds of pretend puppies out in the world (I’m talking about you, Chinese panda puppies!).  The upshot of that is that you can someday expect Pretend Puppy Week 2: More Pretend Puppies!  I’ll save that week for later though, as I am currently looking forward to Covers Week, which starts tomorrow.