Why you be sassing me, Eggs?


Ta-da!!  The mystery eggs have fulfilled their little eggy destinies:

that ovoid space at the front = hungry photographer

There were 72 of these puppies floating around my parents’ backyard yesterday.  These deviled eggs were made by the loving and salt-heavy hands of my darling sister Tessa as just one of many foods prepared for the celebration of our other darling sister Gabby’s marriage to our new (and yes, I’ll use that word which I have never used before in my life one more time) darling brother-in-law Tim.

I had planned to document their “Marriage Cookout” by photographing all those many foods so that I might share them here.  Coming from me, a person whose preoccupation with food trumps pretty much all the rest of her preoccupations, it seemed like an apt homage to the happy couple.

Then I got so busy eating all the delicious food – 3 kinds of pork! – that I forgot to take any pictures after this one (which was, after all, pretty important for the continuation of Egg Week) and blew that whole plan to smithereens.

That said, I’d like to take this spot to write a message to my elder sister and my new brother-in-law instead: the food I ate on the occasions of your marriage will be etched fondly and indelibly in my memory for many years to come.  Also, I suppose your marriage is kind of a big deal too – congratulations on that.



Incredible, also edible.


Well, I think we can agree: yoga week was a huge success!  I mean this of course both yoga-doing-wise and blog-writing-wise.  I mean, I did yoga that one time and posted about it twice (once to complain about it). Yurp…I am on a roll.

You know what else I’d like to have on a roll?

Egg salad!

Welcome to Egg Week!!!

True Story about me and eggs: when I was a child, I did not like them.  Sure, I ate your deviled eggs at the cookouts  (they will get their own post during Egg Week) but for the most part if I was served eggs as a youth I was all, “blergh.”

Now I love them.   I am no Julia Roberts as Maggie Carpenter in Runaway Bride all confused about how she likes her eggs, and indeed, whether she even likes them at all.

Nope, I love them hard-boiled with a bit of salt. I love them fried with a runny yolk.  I love them scrambled with hot sauce.  I love them…hmm…other ways I am sure- those last three are the main ways I eat eggs.

So get ready for some cutting edge egg-themed writing in the next couple days.  And now we try the poll feature of this website!!!