say goodnight, not goodbye


The series finale of Dawson’s Creek was the first DVD I ever bought.  Seriously.  It was used and on Amazon for like $9 and it came with a heinously water-damaged insert, though the disc itself was intact.

That DVD has paid for itself about ten times over, my friends, mangled insert and everything.

I just watched it once again after marathoning season 3 this past week and it was as cheesy, lame, heartbreaking and beautiful as ever.  I JUST LOVE IT.

Like my favorite quote from Dawson:

It’s interesting how people use that expression, “life and death.”  As if to imply that life is the opposite of death.  Birth is the opposite of death.  Life…has no opposite.

Deep stuff, Mr. Leery.  Real deep.

Because of the sadness of Jen, the happy ending of Jack and Deputy Doug, the mending of fences between Dawson and Joey/Pacey and the fact that Joey actually ended up with Pacey for real, for real, for real, these have always been two of my favorite hours of television, even if they do make me sob like a pathetic weirdo.

Now, I hear from my mom that thousands of people across the city of Providence are without power from the storm, so I better get started watching Youtube montages of Pacey and Joey set to emo songs before I too am without electricity and have to do something lame with my time, you know, like read a book or something.


Crushing it!


I was going to save this one for later in the week, but let’s talk TV Crushes – those characters that get inside your brain and keep you coming back week after week after week for more, sometimes to shows that aren’t even very good.

Here we go: My Biggest TV Character Crushes!

  • Karl “Helo” Agathon, Battlestar Galactica – see, he’s the reason this one got bumped to earlier in the week, because this is it: the week I finally finish BSG, learn who the final Cylon is and try to control myself from lovingly stroking my laptop screen every time Helo’s face comes on it.  I mean, in terms  of personality and character development, he’s certainly not the most well-developed on BSG.  He is the strong and silent type, enjoys taking the moral high road when given the choice and cuts a pretty romantic figure what with his entire plot-line that I won’t spoil for you, but there are long stretches where he doesn’t do much but walk around and press buttons and call out military orders, you know?  Still though:

So say we all: YOWZA!

  • Pacey Witter, Dawson’s Creek – I mean, obviously.


  •  Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars – Something about a bad boy with a vulnerable side. He started out as such an obnoxious asshole of a character and managed to turn into one of the most lovable and heartbreaking TV characters I have ever known.  I used to marvel at his face’s incredibly capacity for expressing emotions, particularly longing and pain.  Plus he’s very tall and broad and boy did he love Veronica.

Love the necklace, especially.

  • Mr. Bates, Downton Abbey – He’s not the best looking on this list, and yes, he’s a bit crippled (but as Anna says, “not very crippled”).  But ask yourself – did he kill his wife?  You know he didn’t, because he is the best man in the entire world, EVER.

Yeah, I went for it instead of a photograph.

  • Luke Danes, Gilmore Girls – Holy smokes, guys, I think we’ve just traced “my type” back to its origin.

I also like his personality, in case you were wondering.

  • Rupert Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Okay, okay, when I originally watched this show my crush was Xander and then Spike but honestly, I always knew that I found Giles sexy even when I was 15 years old.  He has a core of bad-ass and scholar, wrapped in a tweed waist-coat; the librarian in me swoons.

His nickname as a youthful miscreant was “Ripper” but now he is a school librarian!

  • Zach Morris – All those schemes and the ability to stop time and that blond blond hair.  Siiiiigh.

‘Sup, Preppy?

  • Eric Gotts, Wonderfalls – Mostly it’s just his face, but a little bit about how nice he is and what an amazingly, exceptionally good show Wonderfalls is.

Save him from her!

  • Ned the Pie Maker, Pushing Daisies – 1. He makes pies 2. He’s wonderful 3. He cannot touch people and it’s the saddest thing. 4. He makes pies.

Oh to be Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles.

  • Cappie, Greek – My biggest EVER TV crush, did you know?  The “Rob Thomas hair” and the secret smarts and also he loves pie and I cannot do him justice in words, I’ve realized!  I include a Youtube clip of Cappie-lights, which doesn’t even come close to doing him justice either, but unless you go start watching Greek it is the best we’ve got.  Also, you should go start watching Greek.

Might I recommend a Cappie-cino?

Pacey Witter: An Acrostic Poem in Rhyming Couplets (and one Triad)


Perfect in every way? Maybe not but I love him

An underachiever, rife with vigor and vim

Constantly criticized by all, always making him weary

Even treated like crap by his “best friend” Dawson Leery

Yet he’s perceptive, loyal, and funny through the drama

Wit and kind heart unscathed by the trauma

In and out of relationships with girls who were crazy

Tamara Jacobs, his teacher then that Andie McPhee

That’s okay, because they lead him to his love, Joey Potter

(Even though Dawson tries to ruin it, that self-obsessed rotter)

Reunited in the finale because Pacey’s way hotter!

I remember everything…

(P.S. I wasn’t going to write anything else about how obnoxious Dawson is, but we’re 9 episodes into season 1 here at DC-Rewatching HQ and Joey has all but told Dawson that she loves him in an awkward scene of public crying during a Saturday detention, leaving out only the words “I LOVE YOU” to make the confession complete.  Following that she has since drunkenly kissed him and Pacey has explicitly stated to Dawson that Joey is “ass-backwards” in love with him and HE STILL DOESN’T REALIZE THAT JOEY  IS IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!  He. Is. The. Worst.)


Dawson: The Worst EVER


I already talked about how much I hate Dawson.  It bears continued discussion, however, because of HOW MUCH I HATE DAWSON.

In the course of four episodes of Creek watched, I was driven to audible groans by Dawson quotes or behaviors no less than six times.  “UGGGRRRRGGHGHGH,” I cried, shaking a fist at the heavens, “Dawson, what’s WITH IT?”

He seriously never learns.  Knowing, as I do so well, where the next five and half seasons are going, it is even harder to watch Dawson’s whiny, self-centered, self-sabotaging, reality-denying behaviors than it ever was before.

Also this:


Yes, it never fails to bring a smile, cause a laugh, turn around an otherwise dismal day BUT when taken within the context of the show, is just a prime example of what an insufferable turd Dawson really is.

“You’re free, Joey.”

Oh, is she?  Thanks Dawson…you douche.

THE GOOD NEWS is that I love James Van Der Memes and the whole James Van Der Week that happened at Funny or Die, plus he is much handsomer as man than he was as a boy and I also hear that he is pretty entertaining on that show Don’t Trust the B, etc. even though I haven’t watched it yet.

So these things are helping me cope with then-Dawson as I re-watch the show.  This particular meme is great – it’s the “Katie Holmes Smile” (incidentally another thing about Dawson’s Creek that I hate):

Creek Week


So Dawson’s Creek is streaming on Neflix.  FINALLY.

Okay, so, sure – I own my two favorite seasons and the series finale on DVD and I’ve seen the whole series way-more-times-than-once before. There is just something so enticing about any streaming TV series, and it has been a couple years since I have given the Creek the all-consuming attention it so richly deserves.

For a second I became possessed with the idea of using this website as naught but a vehicle to live-blog literally the ENTIRE SERIES.  I am still kind of drawn to that most-likely egregious idea, but I think instead I’ll just have the one Creek Week and be done with it.

Here are my thoughts on the pilot, though:

1 – SPIELBERG, Dawson?  Really?  Spielberg.  I mean, Jurassic Park is awesome, so’s Indiana J, but REALLY?  Really?  Spielberg.  Spielberg?  BOO.

2 – In a related note, Dawson’s just the worst.  His stupid smug-face, “Passion – pure unbridled passion”, his awful haircut and his lame-as-shit necklaces.  And don’t even get me started on his over-sized wardrobe and those heinous khakis.


4 – Songs contained within this episode include Tub Thumping by Chumbawumba, As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B. Hawkins and I’ll Stand By You by the Pretenders.  Talk about preserving my 1990s in a 42 minute microcosm, eh?

5 – Jen Lindley, I did not give you any credit for being super-cool when I was 14- in fact, I kind of hated you and said mean things about you. I still feel incredibly bad about that, even though you are not and never have been a real person with feelings or consciousness.

6 – Tamaaaaaaara is like my least favorite character ever.  She cray-cray.

7 – Pacey, Pacey, Pacey, Pacey.


Seriously, Pacey.

That is all.

(Except for I am watching episode 2 and Dawson just said the phrase, “It will be a John Travolta night of interpretive expression.  You see, this way we can dance and our feet will never have to move,” with total earnestness and I HATE HIM.)