Cover Songs!


I have always had a special place in my heart for cover songs.  A lot of the time, I just do not have the energy to listen to music I do not already know, but at the same time I get sick of listening to the music I already know – a terrible conundrum, I say, and one with a single, brilliant, perfect solution.

I also have always wanted to be in a band, but find myself incapable of writing music.  Again – a problem with an elegant solution: cover band!  I have been in at least three imaginary cover bands – Cosmo Brown (with Allison), The Beach Tuesdays (with Julie, first album to be entitled Beauty and the Beach) and most recently Bowties Are Cool, with my sister Tessa.  Bowties Are Cool is a folky-duo that sings cover songs, some of which are Doctor Who themed.  This band shall actually come to fruition, unlike the others I was in, and our first big song will be Bad Wolf Rising.  Coming soon…Bowties Are Cool…watch for it.

So, to wrap up covers week, I have decided to share a selection of my favorite covers with you.  Certainly it will not be a comprehensive, official top ten list or anything, because that is too hard.  I tell you what, the invention of Youtube has really enriched my cover-song-lovin’ life, even if it makes narrowing things down harder.

10 Covers I Like: A (completely random and not comprehensive) List

1.  Everytime – original by Britney Spears, covered by Glen Hansard

CONFESSION: Everytime is my favorite Britney Spears song.  Most of the Britney songs I enjoy, I enjoy in a nostalgic way or in a “I like to dance to that” way, but Everytime I simply love, though sort of guiltily and in secret.  That tinkling music-box opening – SO GOOD!  I used to watch the video (Stephen A-Dorff-able, I say!) all the time and, well, I would get overly emotionally invested in it every time I did. Ah-ha-ha.

Now that Glen Hansard – indie darling, folk singing sensation – has covered it, I feel that I am free to love it openly, without the feelings of shame.

2. Daydream Believer – original by The Monkees, cover by Mary Beth Mazariaz

Honestly, this cover is a pretty lame though it was one of the early inspirations for my ever-growing “slow chick covers” playlist.  The thing is, it is so Dawson’s Creek.  Used several times throughout the show to score the love triangle among Dawson, Joey and Pacey, this song always reminds me (even though I think it is actually Dawson and Joey’s song) of Joey and Pacey.  And I’ll go ahead and say it: Joey and Pacey = The Greatest Love Story of Our Time.

3. California Dreaming – original by the Mamas and the Papas, cover by Wheezy Waiter

Musical-merit-ness-wise, this cover is nothing special – it is just a guy on an acoustic guitar singing in harmony with himself in his living room.  It is the pure comic brilliance of his three extra clone personas, and the breakfast-themed song pun  (of which Wheezy Waiter made several, including an excellent version of Radiohead’s Creep entitled Crepe) that make it worth watching (the first 57 seconds of it, at least).  And watch I do, over and over and over again.

4.  Rubber Ducky – original by Ernie, cover by Seesocovers (I do not actually know his name)

I find this charming.  It is a bit out of tune at times and it is a little strange that his eyes are so pinched shut – don’t care, though, makes me happy happy happy.

5.  Baby – originals by Justin Bieber and The Supremes, cover by Julia Nunes

Speaking of ukulele covers, Julia Nunes is adorable and does lots of good covers (plus original music too, which I am less interested in although it is also good).  In this video, she mashes up two of my favorite songs.  Maybe not ALL TIME favorite songs, but like, top 1000 for sure.  I haven’t got “Bieber Fever” exactly, but my temperature spikes a little when I hear Baby, and I have always had a thing for The Supremes.

6.  With a Little Help From My Friends – original by The Beatles, cover by Joe Cocker

I think if we’re talking official-like, this is the single greatest cover of all time.  It takes the original song and just beats the crap out of it.  Plus it was the theme song for The Wonder Years, which means I will forever associate it with Kevin Arnold aka Fred Savage aka the first celebrity crush I EVER HAD.

7. Here Comes My Baby – original by Cat Stevens, cover by Sons of Admirals

Sons of Admirals features Alex Day and Charlie McDonell, my two favorite British Vloggers.  I have already mentioned Charlie in this blog, since I am going to marry him after all (the legacy of celebrity crushes started by Fred Savage two decades ago continues); Alex Day is the skinny one who takes lead vocals at the start.  I also enjoy their band mates, and everything about this video, which is mostly just silly and fun.

8.  Dulce Carolina (Sweet Caroline) – original by Neil Diamond, cover by Julio Iglesias

I find this cover truly reinvigorates a song that I used to like, but that I have really soured on due to its overplayedness here in the New England region.  I genuinely do not understand what this song has to do with the Red Sox, and it annoys me.  I do, however, love the way this cover is all in Spanish except for the words “Sweet Caroline.”

9.  Paparazzi – original by Lady Gaga, cover by Greyson Chance

SO GOOD.  The best part of this video is the faces of the girls in the background (I particularly like the wavy-haired blonde in the black tank top) as they develop a huge crush on Greyson “Beiber-hair” Chance. Even Ellen Degeneres agrees with me – this kid is awesome!!

10.  Fairytale of New York – original by the Pogues, cover by Brett Domino (and Alexa Goddard, who we don’t care about)

Honestly, if you get nothing else out of this post, covers week, this entire blog, I hope that you at least will visit Brett Domino’s Youtube Channel.  He does my favorite covers on Youtube (and I also enjoy his original songs, such as “What Would You Do [If a Shark Started Eating You]”.  I know the song I included here is completely off season and you probably feel guilty listening to it now when it is not Christmas-time, but I searched my heart and decided I had to include it because it is my favorite cover of a song EVER EVER EVER.

There you have it!  Tomorrow will begin Dalek Week in celebration of the return of Doctor Who!!!  I am also taking suggestions for themes, as I have nothing lined up after Dalek Week!


dreamy dreamy dreamy


Wesley Crusher, the Wheaten Terrier Puppy


This is my completely pretend wheaten terrier puppy Wesley Crusher, so named because the “Wheaten” in wheaten terrier makes me think of Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and I think it will be adorable to call this obviously very intimidating little fella “Crusher” for short.

get 'em Crusher!

In the life where Wesley Crusher is my puppy, I live in London, England and I am married to British Youtube sensation Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike on the Youtube).  Don’t be fooled by his picture, guys – he’s not a teenager, but is in fact fully 20 years old and completely within range for me to marry and have it not be altogether that weird.  What makes it weird is that I’ve never met him or anything, but then we’ve all got our celeb (sort of) crushes, haven’t we?


Since I already used up my career as a successful young adult writer in my life with Robin Hood the Shiba Inu puppy, I think in my life with Crusher I’ll just do projects, generally, and somehow make a living off that.  I’ll make Youtube videos and nerdy graphic t-shirt designs (after I get someone to teach me Illustrator*) and freelance blog writing and of course, music with the band “Bowties Are Cool”, the folk-singing cover / Doctor Who tribute band that I belong to with my sister Tessa, in which I play banjo.

Meanwhile, thanks Jenna, for sharing your pretend puppy story! You are the only one this week to do it, so I’ll re-post it here with a picture of a dog that I picked out to go with it, which hopefully you like:

“My pretend puppy is Donald, the Dandy Dinmont Terrier. In the life where I own this puppy, I live in a farmhouse in Provence, France. The house is pre-1800s, and Donald is great at catching any vermin that find their way in. We make our own cheese, and are working on our own wines.”

jenna's pretend puppy donald, the dandy dinmont terrier

Seriously excellent pretend puppy story.

*Actually, I am looking for Adobe Illustrator lessons maybe.  I think I could learn out of a book, but I’d love to get a couple sessions in with someone knowledgeable.