Wheaten Terrier Fever + Zefron with Beard


S’Wheat Rescue is the name of a wheaten terrier rescue organization based in Kansas City, MO.  The good news is that my sister lives within a couple hours of KC, MO so when the time comes for me to rescue my sweet, lovely Wesley Crusher the wheaten terrier from a puppy mill, I will probably make a road trip of it and see my sister too!

Also, did you know that wheaten terrier mixes are called Wheatables?  Wheatables!  Just like the crackers only so much more adorable than the crackers!!!  Consider the split screen:

Now, that puppy is a Basset Hound/ Wheaten Terrier Wheatable named Henson after Jim Henson because of his muppet-like appearance.  He makes me want to VOMIT he is so adorable.  Seriously, my stomach hurts just contemplating his cuteness.

GAAAA!!! I want him.  SO MUCH.  I have a puppy FEVER and the only cure is THIS PUPPY!!!!

Okay.  Breathe.  Moving on.

Does anyone else think Zac Efron looks pretty awesome with beard?

Charlie St. Beard


The NB Beardiness Scale (also, a wheaten terrier)


I present to you The NB Beardiness Scale, which you may want to use to plot barbigerous men on a scale from “Not At All Beardy” to “Too Beardy.”

I went back and forth about including “Weird Beardy” on the scale, because I think that not a lot of men have weird beards so much as weird facial hair like mustaches and sideburns- but I think anything facial hair that is weird or off-putting belongs on the scale as well, so on it goes.

Now, I culled through a lot of photographs of famous handsome men in various stages of beardiness before settling on Brad Pitt as my exemplar of the different levels.  He really is an exemplar in EVERY CATEGORY, whereas other men tended to excel in only a few categories (other men I considered included Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale, George Clooney and oh….so many others…)

In case you were wondering, my personal beardiness preference lies somewhere between Hint of Beard and Quite Beardy on the scale (though I must admit Pitt sure looks good in the Not At All Beardy photo I chose of him.)

Please do not ask how long it took me to create that infographic; be assured that it was longer than I feel comfortable admitting to.

Also, this is a wheaten terrier in the snow:

On Bearded Men and Wheaten Terriers


At present my faithful readers number in the low dozens.  I would like to try to increase that number and I have devised a strategy that I think is certain to succeed.  It is:

Henceforth, I will post exclusively about Wheaten Terriers and Handsome Men with Beards.

Apart from the fact that I really do love wheaten terriers and handsome men with beards, my decision comes from solid logical reasoning and cold hard facts.

cold hard PUPPY facts!!!

See, I get a steady stream of readers ranging in number from 5 to 30 per day who read old posts that I have written.  According to my site statistics, which are pretty detailed, these far-flung mystery readers pretty much only read two posts: Wesley Crusher, the Wheaten Terrier which I wrote for Pretend Puppy Week back in August and Men with Beards which I wrote for Things That Happen in November Week back in November.

Seriously, those two months-old musings were my two most-viewed posts this week, with more total views than all of my brand new posts combined.  Strangers care more about seeing Jon Hamm with a beard and about the imaginary dog I invented to go along with the imaginary life in England with my imaginary husband Charlieissocoollike than my actual friends care about the rest of my thoughts on life.

Not that I blame anyone involved at all: Jon Hamm and Wesley Crusher the pretend wheaten terrier are more handsome/adorable than my thoughts on life are interesting.

Surely, then, the path to world-wide blogging fame lies with wheaten terriers and men with beards.  Probably I will only post about them for one week, unless the thing really takes off…which less face it, it probably will.

Welcome to Wheatens n’ Beards Week!

I am more proud to have made this than you will ever know.



Men With Beards


Men growing beards.  That’s a thing that happens in November.

Sometimes it is just moustaches apparently (officially the website for Movember is all about moustaches only, which I suppose explains the “Mo” bit).  But I think most men around town tend to go full throttle with the beards in November in support of mens’ type cancers.  And by “in support of” I mean they DO NOT support mens’ type cancers – they want to stop them and stuff.

I appreciate this entire endeavor, cuz I loves me a man with a beard.

This is one of my favorite things about November.  True story.

Here are some nice looking celebrities sporting beards, just to get you excited for what the end of November should look like for us all:

was going to make a pun about jon HAMM-SOME but then remembered that handsome is spelled with an "n"


bringing sexy beards back, am I right?


jesus-chrisitan-bale may have inspired my initial love of beards, honestly. too creepy?


the once and future beard. yummy.


Yay for November Beards!