The Year of Chicken Noodle Soup


Thus far my main prediction for 2013 is that I am going to eat a lot of chicken noodle soup.

In that sense, 2013 will not be so very different from the last month of 2012, during which time I also ate many a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I’ve always enjoyed chicken noodle soup, sure, but lately it’s suddenly one my favorite foods and the only thing I ever want to eat.

You could say chicken noodle soup is the new microwave burritos.

Meanwhile, I am unable to predict much else beyond noodle soup; I am nonetheless hoping that some additional, slightly-more-exciting-than-chicken-noodle-soup-consumption things will happen to me in the coming year.

Some burning questions I have about 2013 include:

  • Will I complete Couch to 5K and finally become a runner? (Yes!  No!  Yes!  No!  This one could go either way!)
  • Will my neighbor ever find Butchy once and for all? (I don’t think so!)
  • Will I be forced to move against my will because the apartment I live in gets sold? (Maybe?!)
  • Will I find myself a future-husband, as so many of those around me (including my little sister!!!) have been doing lately? (Only if he’ll get up early and make me quiches, I have decided!)
  • Will I finally save enough money to take my trip to France? (Let’s talk about that in 2014!)
  • Will I get a summer job? (I better or else!)
  • Will I finally write that novel I’ve been saying I’m going to write? (YES or maybe that other novel, but definitely one of them!)

I genuinely like the New Year.  Even though intellectually I know that nothing really changes all that much just because a new year starts, I always feel like it might and I like that feeling.

Welcome 2013, and bring on the chicken noodle soup please.

16+ cups of homemade broth ready for the freezer, 2013!

16+ cups of homemade broth are ready for the freezer, 2013!