Back in the Habit


My apologies to those of you who clicked on this post expecting to read something about Sister Act 2, which I can only imagine is most of you who clicked on this post.  Indeed, as soon as I absently filled in the title of the post I was all, I should write about Sister Act 2 instead of my original planned topic..although I have surprisingly little to say on the subject of that movie, it would turn out.

Like, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit is pretty good.  I enjoyed it, but not as much as the original.  Great pun in the title.  Young people who are no longer young are in it, like Lauryn Hill and Go Home Roger and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Also, I am a fan of Kathy Najimy.

The real topic of this is actually meant to be about the habit of blogging, which I need to get back into.  I think that in October to December I always kind of quit blogging…just a symptom of that time of year.

When I looked at my last years stats, though, I realized that when I post often I get more views (shocking!) and I like views. And I don’t just like them: I like them so much.

(Did you just say that last sentence in Claire Forlani’s voice, like when she says  “I like you so much” to Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black?  Me neither.)

So to get more views, I post more often and I post better stuff.  Ima do a very serious analysis of which posts get the most views (alright, I already know it’s still wheaten terriers and men with beards, no analysis necessary) and target my blog posting to maximize views.

Look at the soulful brown eyes on this handsome guy!  (And Clooney ain't bad either!) (Ba-dum-ching)

Look at the soulful brown eyes on this handsome guy! (And Clooney ain’t bad either!) (Ba-dum-ching!)

By which I actually mean, I’m just going to continue writing this blog the way I always have, about the same things I always have (wheaten terriers, tater tots, Ryan Gosling, Battlestar Galactica and all the other most important things in life), but I swear I am going to do it more often.

Happy Beginning of January!

[I mean, a new year really calls for an obligatory post like this, am I right?!]

Also, so all you Whoopi fans (i.e. ALL OF YOU) don’t leave disappointed:


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