Catch-22 and also an otter


I have been accused of being a hipster.   I am not one.

One item of evidence that has been furnished against me was that I wear fake glasses.  Obviously, I do this.  My blog is named fauxspectacles; I like fake glasses.

To combat this piece of evidence, I find myself in the greatest Catch-22 of my life:

See, I’ve been wearing fake glasses since my freshman year of college.  That’s ELEVEN years ago, guys.  My love of fake glasses has always sprung from a desire to have REAL glasses, which started when I was a child and I would tell my mother I was plagued by headaches and needed to see the eye doctor because I really needed glasses even though my vision was fine.  I would gladly trade my fake glasses for real ones in a second.

But anyway, the main point is that I have been wearing fake glasses for over a decade, before hipsters were even really a thing.

I wore fake glasses BEFORE IT WAS COOL, is what I am saying.

And in an instant, my entire argument against hipsterdom falls apart, you see?


Also, an otter:

Otters, man. Otters.


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