“The feelings aren’t fictional but the guys are…”


Today as I was watching some Youtube videos, a suggestion on the side came up for a video entitled “10 Hottest Animated Guys.”

(Yes, my Youtube viewing habits led to that as a suggestion and no, I will not share how I got there.)

(Okay, fine, it was by watching Oo-de-lally from Robin Hood in languages other than English.  You should try it.)

So I watched this video, naturally, and the list was fairly mediocre.  It included some different types of cartoons than I usually consider (i.e. anime) but then it also featured Pips from Ferngully.  I mean, not even Zack the Human, but Pips the Fairy.  I suppose now that I am an adult, and I happen to love a ginger and he is voiced by Christian Slater, I can see how Pips might be a better choice.  But still, no one from FernGully makes my list at all (although that Hexxus…kind of a hottie, am I right?!?)

So I thought that even though I made this list once on my old Myspace Blog, I’d do it again only it will probably change because even I don’t remember who I put on it and there’s at least one new guy on here for sure.

Also, this launches Fictional Crushes Week, which features the tagline: the feelings aren’t fictional but the guys are. Stayed tuned for future editions including Childhood Crushes, Movie Crushes, Book Crushes, Television Crushes and…probably that’s it.

My Crushworthiest Animated Guys (probably not 10 of them):

  • Robin Hood – I mean, you already knew I was going to include him right?  “He’s such a FOX!” is a joke everyone, ever has made before.  But seriously, he is.  And absolutely the epitome of cool, and the foundation upon which my Robin Hood obsession is built.

I think he may also be the reason I love Renaissance Faires so much.

  • Demitri – To this day I find rolled up shirt-sleeves one of the sexiest sartorial choices a man can make- that’s the kind of profound effect Demitri has had on my life.

So many layers! Both on his torso, and in his heart.

  • Prince Lir – Okay, actually I was only so-so on him, but as a child I thought the sun rose and set on how stunningly beautiful Lady Amalthea/The Unicorn is.  I wanted to BE her and being her meant having the love of a man like Lir. Also, I find that adult me likes the longness of Lir’s face more than I did as a child even if the haunted feelings of sadness and confusion their love story left me with remain unchanged.

She has purple goddamn eyes and the flowingest white hair imaginable. How could I not want to be her?!?

  • Flynn Rider – Eugene Fitzherbert is awesome.  From the smolder to the impeccably animated eyebrows, I love him.  Plus he’s funny and his voice is awesome and I watch Tangled like once a week and never, ever ever get sick of him.  Truth.

Yeah, I only first saw him when I was 27 years old. So?

  • Justin – He’s from the Secret of NIMH, which is another 80s animated movie that left me feeling haunted, sad and confused, even though it ends happy (I think?).  Anyway, Justin’s a rat, but he’s a hottie all the same.  And also, the last non-human fella I will put on this list, I think.


  • Chalky – He was the easy-going jock to Doug Funny’s awkward nerd, sure.  But he also had a heart of gold, was great at school and suffered from serious pressure at home that had a humanizing effect on the otherwise too-good-to-true green-faced star student-athlete of Beebe Bluff Middle School.  Also, I loved him.

He was very cool. Look at his hair.

  • The Prince who was a Beast (whose name is apparently Prince Adam) – I used to go for Phillip from Sleeping Beauty but The Beast has way more personality and now that I am an adult, I get that he’s a handsome guy.  As a child I was all, ohhhh his hair’s long and he has lady-lips but now I get it.  Also, look at those arms and the broadness of those shoulders! Plus when he kisses Belle they float into the air and the wind swirls around them, and aren’t there even magical sparks flying around?!? Yeah, I get it now.

Arms. Shoulders. Sparks and shit. Yeah.

And that’s my list because I’ve been working on this for a long time, and I have to go watch some TV now.  Who’d I leave off according to your list (besides the guy from the Iron Giant which I haven’t seen but will see someday, okay)?  Conversely, if you are a dude who likes ladies, who would be on your animated-lady-list?




2 thoughts on ““The feelings aren’t fictional but the guys are…”

  1. Julie

    Soooo in agreement about Robin Hood and Demitri, and your caption of the latter made me burst out laughing. I would add Aladdin. And I totally get the Pips the Fairy thing, actually.

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