Rootbeer Float and Harry Potter


I am going to write a blog post from my iPhone because some dummy didn’t set up internet in her new place yet.  Being rather bad at using the small onscreen keyboard – curse mine clumsy fingers- I anticipate that this will not go smoothly.

So first I have to pledge my undying gratitude to My Sister, Her Boyfriend, My BFF and My BFFiance ( as he shall henceforth be known) for helping me move my furniture.  I have furniture in my new apartment now; I quite like furniture, and therefore owe a great debt to those named (or not named, as it were) above.

To christen my first night here, I decided to have a Rootbeer float, which was also the first thing I ate when I moved into The Burrow.  I shall always have Rootbeer floats to start my life in a new place!

I am also watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. My emotional reaction to the move has been made evident by my overly emotional reaction to the movie.  *SOB* HARRY IS SO BRAVE OMG OMG *SOB* and so on…

Also I have decided to name my new apartment after another Harry Potter place.  Suggestions?  I am leaning toward one, but I’d like to hear ideas first before I finalize anything.

And now my autocorrect is making increasingly more erratic and nonsensical changes and I am about to chuck my iPhone out one of my 8 gorgeous windows.  Remember: HP place name ideas in comments!



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