New Apartment Week


FACT: Moving is a terrible thing.

Truly truly terrible.

First you have to organize your stuff, and decide what stuff to keep and what to not keep, and then get rid of stuff you decide to not keep.  They you have to pack the stuff you want to keep, but make sure it’s not so heavy as to be unliftable; I’m talking to you, Books.

You have to find generous souls to help you move your couch and other large scale furniture down the twisty turns of the three-flight staircase and also borrow a van from your family farm that will likely smell vaguely of chicken crap but is well big enough to hold your furniture.

You also have to walk your other stuff DOWN three flights of stairs, load it into your Corolla and drive it two minutes away and then walk it UP three flights of stairs.  You have to do this in 90 degree heat, and when you return from just one carload’s worth you will wake up fully an hour later sandwiched between a box fan and an oscillating fan, having stripped off all your clothes and possessing very little memory of how you got there.

Those last bits may have been referencing specifically my move rather than the general practice of moving.  But moving is hard, is what I am saying.

What is also hard is leaving a place you have loved.  I have been happy in my current apartment.  I started fauxspectacles here and filmed the Raptor Twins and became good at my job while I lived here and honed the fine art of microwave burrito-making in this kitchen and had lots of night terrors in this bedroom and Just Dance 3ed for more hours that I can count in this living room and just all around liked my life while I was here.

Not everyone likes their life and while I feel pretty certain that I will continue to like my life in my new apartment – I mean, it has literally double the number of windows as my current – it is nonetheless hard not to feel sad and a little nervous.

And mostly very annoyed.  And also hot.  Like super hot. Like so hot that you go to the grocery store for microwave burrito ingredients and end up wandering the aisles for half an hour just to remember what it is like to feel cool again.

I would say that my next lease will start in November, except that I am never moving ever ever again if I can help it.


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