Pacey Witter: An Acrostic Poem in Rhyming Couplets (and one Triad)


Perfect in every way? Maybe not but I love him

An underachiever, rife with vigor and vim

Constantly criticized by all, always making him weary

Even treated like crap by his “best friend” Dawson Leery

Yet he’s perceptive, loyal, and funny through the drama

Wit and kind heart unscathed by the trauma

In and out of relationships with girls who were crazy

Tamara Jacobs, his teacher then that Andie McPhee

That’s okay, because they lead him to his love, Joey Potter

(Even though Dawson tries to ruin it, that self-obsessed rotter)

Reunited in the finale because Pacey’s way hotter!

I remember everything…

(P.S. I wasn’t going to write anything else about how obnoxious Dawson is, but we’re 9 episodes into season 1 here at DC-Rewatching HQ and Joey has all but told Dawson that she loves him in an awkward scene of public crying during a Saturday detention, leaving out only the words “I LOVE YOU” to make the confession complete.  Following that she has since drunkenly kissed him and Pacey has explicitly stated to Dawson that Joey is “ass-backwards” in love with him and HE STILL DOESN’T REALIZE THAT JOEY  IS IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!  He. Is. The. Worst.)



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