Dawson: The Worst EVER


I already talked about how much I hate Dawson.  It bears continued discussion, however, because of HOW MUCH I HATE DAWSON.

In the course of four episodes of Creek watched, I was driven to audible groans by Dawson quotes or behaviors no less than six times.  “UGGGRRRRGGHGHGH,” I cried, shaking a fist at the heavens, “Dawson, what’s WITH IT?”

He seriously never learns.  Knowing, as I do so well, where the next five and half seasons are going, it is even harder to watch Dawson’s whiny, self-centered, self-sabotaging, reality-denying behaviors than it ever was before.

Also this:


Yes, it never fails to bring a smile, cause a laugh, turn around an otherwise dismal day BUT when taken within the context of the show, is just a prime example of what an insufferable turd Dawson really is.

“You’re free, Joey.”

Oh, is she?  Thanks Dawson…you douche.

THE GOOD NEWS is that I love James Van Der Memes and the whole James Van Der Week that happened at Funny or Die, plus he is much handsomer as man than he was as a boy and I also hear that he is pretty entertaining on that show Don’t Trust the B, etc. even though I haven’t watched it yet.

So these things are helping me cope with then-Dawson as I re-watch the show.  This particular meme is great – it’s the “Katie Holmes Smile” (incidentally another thing about Dawson’s Creek that I hate):


One thought on “Dawson: The Worst EVER

  1. I’ve never seen Dawson’s Creek, but I remember when it first come on the air, some teenybopper magazine announced on it’s cover that inside was info about “Beek! From Dawson’s Creek!”

    Not only was I shocked at the size of his head, but also the fact that the person who did the cover apparently thought his middle names were Van and Der?

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