Benedict Cumberbatch


People With Cool Names is our theme this week, my friends.

The inspiration for this theme can be traced directly to PBS, 9 p.m. Sherlock season 2 – A Scandal in Belgravia.  I just learned at 8:47 from Simon Pegg on Twitter that it was airing, which is a BRILLIANT and exciting surprise.  It gave me just enough time to put on pj’s and steal my sister’s last San Pellegrino Pompelmo from the fridge and contemplate the perfection of the name “Benedict Cumberbatch” for 13 minutes.

Pompelmo is the GREATEST DRINK, btw

Seriously, if your last name is Cumberbatch, what do you name your child?

Tim Cumberbatch?  Will Cumberbatch? Aidan Cumberbatch?  John Cumberbatch?


I say if you’re a Cumberbatch you go big or go home.  Benedict Cumberbatch, excellent choice.  Percy or Valentine or Claude Lionel, also good choices and also all real Cumberbatches that I have found reference to at this website that is all about the Cumberbatch last surname.

Also, is another website entirely devoted to the name Cumberbatch and I think it is awesome that this exists.  I feel like ALL SURNAMES should have a .org associated with them, especially mine.  Someone get on that.

And finally, you know what is awesome about Benedict Cumberbatch besides his name?

His FACE.  He has the BEST FACE I have ever seen in all of face-dom.  Just look at it!!!  It’s BRILLIANT.  I may even like his face more than I like Matt Smith face.

Whoa, okay no.  I like Matt Smith’s face the best of all faces, but Benedict still has an amazing face.

This is my favorite face, actually. Boringest name, though.

“Look at those cheekbones. I could cut myself slapping that face” said a dominatrix in tonight’s episode.  True that, dominatrix.


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