Wheaten Terrier Fever + Zefron with Beard


S’Wheat Rescue is the name of a wheaten terrier rescue organization based in Kansas City, MO.  The good news is that my sister lives within a couple hours of KC, MO so when the time comes for me to rescue my sweet, lovely Wesley Crusher the wheaten terrier from a puppy mill, I will probably make a road trip of it and see my sister too!

Also, did you know that wheaten terrier mixes are called Wheatables?  Wheatables!  Just like the crackers only so much more adorable than the crackers!!!  Consider the split screen:

Now, that puppy is a Basset Hound/ Wheaten Terrier Wheatable named Henson after Jim Henson because of his muppet-like appearance.  He makes me want to VOMIT he is so adorable.  Seriously, my stomach hurts just contemplating his cuteness.

GAAAA!!! I want him.  SO MUCH.  I have a puppy FEVER and the only cure is THIS PUPPY!!!!

Okay.  Breathe.  Moving on.

Does anyone else think Zac Efron looks pretty awesome with beard?

Charlie St. Beard


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