The NB Beardiness Scale (also, a wheaten terrier)


I present to you The NB Beardiness Scale, which you may want to use to plot barbigerous men on a scale from “Not At All Beardy” to “Too Beardy.”

I went back and forth about including “Weird Beardy” on the scale, because I think that not a lot of men have weird beards so much as weird facial hair like mustaches and sideburns- but I think anything facial hair that is weird or off-putting belongs on the scale as well, so on it goes.

Now, I culled through a lot of photographs of famous handsome men in various stages of beardiness before settling on Brad Pitt as my exemplar of the different levels.  He really is an exemplar in EVERY CATEGORY, whereas other men tended to excel in only a few categories (other men I considered included Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale, George Clooney and oh….so many others…)

In case you were wondering, my personal beardiness preference lies somewhere between Hint of Beard and Quite Beardy on the scale (though I must admit Pitt sure looks good in the Not At All Beardy photo I chose of him.)

Please do not ask how long it took me to create that infographic; be assured that it was longer than I feel comfortable admitting to.

Also, this is a wheaten terrier in the snow:


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