filaments, filaments, filaments


OMG guys, I was watching a rerun of New Girl tonight and Jess put some sexy lace underwear on her head and said, “I hope Mr. Darcy likes my new bonnet” in a poshy British accent.  How appropriate for Pride and Prejudice week, am I right?

Besides that, I don’t really feel like writing about P&P today.

Instead I am going to make an off-topic bullet list of all the ideas I very nearly posted to Twitter today, but then didn’t:

  • If I could meet a guy I like half as much as I like microwave burritos, I’d marry him tomorrow.
  • Tried on one of every single type of exercise bottom they have at Target today. Like literally.
  • Russian Model on New Girl made my day. MICK MOUSE!?!?  Classic.
  • Why do they put seams right down the front of jogging pants?  It’s like they want me to have a camel toe.
  • End of the year fifth graders.  Am I right?
  • You know when you’re boiling a chicken and you completely forget about it?  The WORST!
  • My new deodorant smells like the deodorant I used in Ireland.  Please excuse me while I sniff my armpits and get carried away by the olfactory nostalgia.
  • I overuse the phrase, “am I right,”, am I right??
  • Coworker asked if he had indeed seen me singing and dancing by myself in the copy room, and I answered, “I was just talking to the printer.”  Which was true, but no less weird.

I bet you are thinking “I’d for certain like to follow this person on Twitter to keep myself up-to-the-minute with her zany, mad-cap adventures.  What is her Twitter ID thingy?”

It’s Fauxspectacles, in case you are feeling enticed.

OH!  And I almost forgot:

I am late to this game but Ze Frank is amazing.  I watched this video and also all his other ones and I’m all, “MAN, he’s brilliant” the whole time, because MAN, he is.  His face alone makes him worth subscribing to.


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