I mixed up all this fake puke at home…



Well, that is not exactly a confession and I very well may not have Lyme disease at all.  But I found a tick on my tummy which I had left to feast on me for FOUR DAYS because I had mistaken it for a beauty mark (or mole, or whatever we are calling those little brown spots I have scattered across my arms, mid-section and a little bit on my legs these days) until today when I was like, “You know, this guy is new I don’t think I’ve seen it bef- OH MY GOD IT HAS LEGS!!!!”


Annnyway.  Rapid-fire confessions because today is going to be the final day of Confessions (Half-of-a) Week:

Confession: Hey Soul Sister by Train is a song that I like.  I like it.  There.

Confession: I used to read Harry Potter fan fiction.  Like LOTS of it, but only stories in which Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley fall in love and/or get it on.  May I suggest The Fire and Ice Archive for all your D/G shipping needs?

That is probably the only confession I feel truly embarrassed to make.

Although I still really like the Fan-Art banner across the top of the Fire and Ice Archive.

Confession: Once I visited a certain famous historic town in Massachusetts and knocked over the street sign for a street named after a very famous American author with my Volvo and I just kept driving because I couldn’t afford to pay a fine.

This may or may not be a portrait of the author whose eponymous street sign I may or may not have destroyed.

Confession: When I sweep my floors, if there are coins in the mess I can never be bothered to fish them out.  This means I have probably thrown out god knows how many dollars worth of change in my life all because I don’t feel like bending over.  Good news is that I don’t sweep my floors very often!  Also, quarters are an exception to this.

Confession: The other night I put on High School Musical on Netflix for background noise while I read a book, but then I did not even read a single page of my book and just watched High School Musical.

I’d also like to add that High School Musical is a good movie.  Also Zac Efron is totally DREAMY.  Also I still cannot believe how totally bullshit it is that Troy and Gabriella never even kiss!!!

Confession: After I was done with High School Musical, I put on High School Musical 2 and fast forwarded to the part where Troy and Gabriella finally get their kiss.  Yes, I did.

Do you have any confessions you like to share?  I’d like to hear them if you do!

And finally:


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