Twelve is a special and mystical number.

It is the number of months in the calendar year, the number of days of Christmas.

It is the number of Angry Men and the number of Monkeys that started that outbreak or whatever.

It is the number of cranial nerves you have, at least hopefully, without which you couldn’t do good stuff like smell, taste, and move your eyes laterally.

It’s the number of inches in a foot and knights of the round table and Olympian gods and goddesses.

It is the number of models of Cylon.

It will be the designation of the next Doctor, a regeneration to which I am both looking forward and dreading.  Looking forward to it because it is thrilling to get a new Doctor and all part of the magic of the show.  Dreading it because I love Matt Smith’s Eleven.  LOVE HIM, I say.

Twelve is also the number of our new year, and this week’s theme.  Gird yourself for some fascinating forth-coming duodecuple lists pertaining to my life!


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