Eggs.  Toast.  Sausages.  Tots.

Yum. Yum. Yum. YUM.

My tongue is all burned up from eating too-hot Chinese food last night, but my breakfast for dinner STILL tasted m.f.-ing awesome.

Meanwhile I have some concerns re: tomorrow’s feast as regards my tongue-burn situation.  Why did I have to take those TWO bites of piping hot Kung Pao Chicken, I ask you?  Who risks their tongue’s well being like that a mere 48 hours before one of the biggest eating days of the year?

Tomorrow night or Friday morning I am planning to post the mother of all Foods For Which I Am Thankful Week post, documenting my Thanksgiving dinner.  Let’s just hope that my tongue can enjoy it, because for the most part all the foods I have eaten today have not tasted quite right.  This could get tragic real fast.


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