Right, so in three days I get to eat pie.  This is beyond exciting.

My family usually only has pecan and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but pecan is my favorite of all the pies and I enjoy pumpkin too so you will not hear me complaining.

Pie has long been a favorite food of mine, one for which I am truly thankful.  Love them all from berry to custard types, heated up and a la mode or eaten cold for breakfast, you dig?

This evening I was overcome by a sudden, wild enthusiasm for all the pies I will be soon eating.  So overcome was I, I jumped up from my prone position on the couch and reached for this laptop to immediately tweet and blog my feelings for pie.

Which are passionate-love-type feelings, in case you could missed the subtleties of the beginning of this post.



“But I would be proud to partake of your PECAN PIIIIIE,”  is something I say a lot around this time of the year.

PIE COUNTDOWN is officially at 2 days, approximately 18 hours!


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