Men With Beards


Men growing beards.  That’s a thing that happens in November.

Sometimes it is just moustaches apparently (officially the website for Movember is all about moustaches only, which I suppose explains the “Mo” bit).  But I think most men around town tend to go full throttle with the beards in November in support of mens’ type cancers.  And by “in support of” I mean they DO NOT support mens’ type cancers – they want to stop them and stuff.

I appreciate this entire endeavor, cuz I loves me a man with a beard.

This is one of my favorite things about November.  True story.

Here are some nice looking celebrities sporting beards, just to get you excited for what the end of November should look like for us all:

was going to make a pun about jon HAMM-SOME but then remembered that handsome is spelled with an "n"


bringing sexy beards back, am I right?


jesus-chrisitan-bale may have inspired my initial love of beards, honestly. too creepy?


the once and future beard. yummy.


Yay for November Beards!


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