Welcome to Things That Happen in November Week, in which I discuss things that happen in November.

Our first event to celebrate is No-buy-vember!!!

See, I’ve always said to myself – “Niki, you should have a no-buy month.  Take a month off from needless shopping and save a little – nothing but groceries and other necessity-type things.”

I expect it surprises no one to discover that I always failed to follow through with any previous attempts at no-buy months. I typically last about a week.  Less than, sometimes.  I just like buying things, I can’t help it always saying things like, “this 8 dollar bottle of organic shampoo is a necessity, right?  I mean my other shampoo will run out someday!”

To make sure this whole No-buy-vember thing really sticks this time around, I devised a BRILLIANT plan, which was that I went shopping TODAY, October 31st while it is still allowed.  Bought a couple cami’s, a sweater, a scarf, a frankly adorable lunch box and an overpriced plaid umbrella (I did break my umbrella last week, to be fair).

Yeah….not such a great plan, I suppose, when you say it out loud.  Hopefully it will keep me fixed for a bit though, eh?

I reeeeally want to succeed this time, maybe throw a little more cash at my special “Trip to France” savings account, which I have been working on for a couple months now and which is, frankly, PATHETIC.

at current pace, Trip to France will happen in late 2017

I think it will be smart to situate my no-buy month right before Christmas time.  Plus I am feeling a little extra hermit-y lately, so it’s not like I’ve been leaving the house much.  And also, “No-buy-vember” is such brilliant wordplay, you know, right?  I’m a genius!


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