Stayed Sane


Well, friends, I basically managed to stay sane this week, and now this week is over.  Well done, Niki.

Tonight to celebrate this achievement, I am going out.  When I say “out” I actually mean out of my house after 10 p.m. to a place filled with people where they play music and also serve alcohol.

Right now you are probably all, “is it the end of the world?”

Indeed, the frequency with which I leave my house after 10 p.m. is so rare that human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria-type reactions would not be out of line.

But I am giving it a try tonight…in heels, even.  After watching a truly depressing episode of the VH1 show “Why Am I Still Single?” I have decided it is probably worth the effort, lest I end up on that mess of a show, which actually featured the quote, “To us, beauty is an adjective” (from some of the matchmaking team, not even one of the pathetic loser daters).

yes, believe it. I am going out.


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