Commercials with hawks in them


I can trace very few of my consumption habits back to specific ad campaigns.  I enjoy a good TV spot, sure, but I can think of almost zero consumer items of which I buy a particular brand because of a particular commercial.

Except for Sierra Mist Cranberry Mist, which I buy every year in the fall/winter because of the super-brilliant five-year-old-ish commercial featuring Michael Ian Black, Jim Gaffigan and The Holiday Hawk.

Just the other day I saw Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash at the CVS and literally was like, “it is only around for a limited time!  Like the Holiday Hawk!”

So I bought it, as I always do, only to discover that there are 67 grams of sugar in a bottle.  Not like a 2-liter bottle, but the carry-it-in-your-purse, comes-from-a-vending machine size bottle.

That’s a lot of sugar.  Is that how much sugar all sodas have?  I need to reevaluate my life, if that is the case.

Then in a funny bit of coincidence, I was watching TV this evening and I saw this commercial for Jameson’s, also featuring a hawk, ALSO BRILLIANT (which you need to sign in as a 21 year old or older to view, FYI):


I think I might go buy some Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Sure, I do not tend to drink whiskey…or really much of anything at all these days, but still – such a good ad.


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