Off-topic Post


An off-topic post*:

There is a game I like to play in my apartment sometimes.  It is called: Can You Find a Shard of Glass Today?

At any given moment, on any given day, if you look hard enough and you want it bad enough, you can probably find a shard of glass somewhere on the floor (or other surface) of my apartment.

The apartment has some kind of glass-breaking curse on it (a curse otherwise known as “clumsy inhabitants…”), so while this game sounds like it should be challenging… even impossible…it is actually pretty easy to win.


Sometimes I also play the game with a substitution: Can You Find a Popped Popcorn Kernel Today?

Check under the couch, my bed, behind the garbage can, under the pots and pans drawer of the oven and you’ll probably win that game too.

double winner!!

I won both Shards of Glass AND Popped Popcorn Kernel versions of the game last night when I moved my bedroom furniture into a yet another brand new configuration.

This is approximately the fifth configuration I have had, and I can already tell it is going to be the best.  Maybe.

Which brings me to a poll: Would you like to see next week’s theme week theme be “Shards of Glass” or “Niki’s Bedroom Floorplans: A History”?

*As in this post has nothing to do with King Richard’s Faire, but I think it’s okay to break the theme-week rule every now and again


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