A Huge Blockbuster SMASH…


…or at least a sort of semi-successful indie sleeper hit.

We have it in the works here at the Burrow.  Mostly it was Tessa’s idea, although I am going to talk about it here as if I came up with it on my own.  But never forget that pretty much all creative rights belong to Tessa.

So this movie – probably called something like Renaissance Times – is all about our friends who work the Renaissance Faire!

It will be like Adventureland but for a Renaissance Faires!  It will be a fun and poignant portrait of the personalities who work the Faire: the (let’s face it) weirdos mixing the ones who are just there for a paycheck, plus the people who visit the Faire and the itinerants who travel from one Faire to another.

Of course lots of research needs to go into this: are there actually people who work a RenFaire who don’t have the passion for it?  Like, are the actresses in the wench skits just actresses looking for work or do they really WANT to play wenches in shows at 1:00, 4:00 and 6:30?  And are the knights in the tournament like the top dogs of the whole circuit?  How much slutty wench-girl wannabe ass do they get? And what position is the bottom-rung – turkey-leg seller or ticket-taker?   And just how specialized is the falcon guy?  Did he go to school to study falconeering?

It will be offbeat and hilarious but also heartfelt and touching.

That’s all.  We probably won’t ever make this movie, so if you are a screenwriter or a Hollywood producer, I bet it’s okay for you to steal our idea.  Just please do a good job of it, and maybe cast Billy Zane as one of the tournament knights and obviously Will Forte should play the falcon guy.


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