Boo for Tom Week; Huzzah for King Richard’s Faire!


The Week of Tom was a pretty unmitigated disaster of non-blogging proportions.

I had this great post started that was all about actors I liked who are named Tom (Hanks, Felton, Hardy), only I was going to take some actors whose names start with T but aren’t actually Toms and pretend like I thought they were named Tom.  You know – Tom Danson from Cheers and Tom Danza from Who’s the Boss – and so on.  It was going to be very funny.  I am not going to actually write that one any more, however, so you will just have to take my word for it.

I ended up not writing that because I was tired all week (and cranky about the weather) and then yesterday my computer had something called a KERNAL PANIC which freaked me out.  I took it into the Apple store to get it looked at and they ended up keeping it to run more diagnostic tests.  Who feels like blogging on a borrowed computer?

I mean, I am right now but hopefully that will be over soon enough.

So today I went to King Richard’s Faire.  I had a good time there and I have decided to devote the rest of the week to that topic, or at least to topics relating to it.

For today though, all there will be is just be this really lame, boring post about my Tom Week failure and my broken computer.

Tomorrow: ocarinas!


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