Not too beardy


This is the first video I ever saw by Youtube vlogger Tom from Australia, alias Frezned.  You probably only have to watch about half of this video to get what he’s about, unless (like me) you are mesmerized by him and want to watch all six minutes of him spiraling into madness.

I watched this and said, “of this man, I must see more.”

Following up on that, I spent an afternoon watching every video he ever made, which is what I do with afternoons probably more often than I ought to.

It was an afternoon well spent, I thought.  I mean, this is the man who uttered the phrase, “I’m like a mind-beard-anti-Samson.  Like from the mind-beard-anti-Bible.”


He also made this fabulous video about ants, in which he takes what is apparently some sort of famous bible-y parable – about a little girl throwing starfishes one at a time into the sea from a giant pile of washed up star fishes and an old man comes up to her and says, “Why are you bothering?  You’ll never save them all, it doesn’t make a difference” and she says, “it makes a difference to this one,” and throws another one in – and tweaks it just a little to make it non-nauseating and hilarious.

I actually heard Frezned’s version first, and I must say I vastly prefer it.

And finally, if you can get past the scary noise that happens a couple of time, this video is BRILLIANT.  You’ll never see the last twist coming!

So that’s Tom from Australia, one of my personal favorite Toms in all the world.  I hope you enjoy him too, and if you have a whole afternoon to spare sometime, I would suggest watching every video he has ever made.



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