Loving this stuff like McAdams loves Gosling


True story – I awoke today with Simple Pleasures Week mission.  The mission was to talk to a cute guy without acting like a fool or saying something awkward, and then I was going to come back here and report about the simple pleasure gotten from being able to converse like an adult with a man I find attractive.  I was determined.

Then this morning, I went barreling, spaz-style, around a corner basically ran right into him, screamed and proceeded to become highly flustered; once I am flustered I am all fool and awkwardness.

Such a shame.

As such, today’s simple pleasures do not include conversing like an adult with a man I find attractive; they do, however, include:

  • Red Vines and Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Having a fifth grader tell me her brother in kindergarten told her that I was the best library teacher ever (not that he has much to compare me to, but whatever)
  • Getting asked if I used a die-cut machine to make the letters on one of my posters in my computer lab – Heck no, baby!  That precision style is 100% hand drawn.
  • Coming home to find my sister has done ALL the sausagefest dishes
  • Making swiss chard pie and banana pecan muffins
  • You’ve Got Mail on DVD
  • New shampoo that smells like cherries
  • Also, Red Vines and Dr. Pepper remind me of Lazy Sunday, even though they reference Mr. Pibb.  Still, Red Vines and Dr. Pepper ARE crazy delicious together too!  This video continues to bring me joy.



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