Is there anything in life more pleasant than sitting down and sharing good sausages with good friends?

A clue: no.

Is there anything funnier than taking the word sausages and inserting it into movie titles?

You be the judge:

Four Weddings and a Sausage.  Robin Hood: Sausage in Tights.  Sausage, Actually.  Sausage on a Hot Tin Roof.  Definitely, Sausage.  When Harry Met Sausage.  The Princess Sausage.  28 Sausages Later (not to be confused with 28 Sausages, starring Sandra Bullock).  Six Days Seven Sausages.  Sausage Force One.  The Seven-Year Sausage.  How to Train Your Sausage.  You’ve Got Sausage.

I could go on.

Is there a nicer way to end your day than catching the latest episode of Doctor Who with the pleasantly lingering aroma of sausages clinging to your apartment?

I should think not.  Well, except for the lingering aroma of sausages – nobody really likes smelling like sausages, even if they love eating sausages.

Scent of a Sausage. Haha.

Inspired by Sausagefest ’11, which was a pretty simple, easy idea (eat a variety of sausages with good people), I have decided this will be Simple Pleasures Week.  I hope to post every day to atone for my spotty record in the last two weeks.  Still, I will hopefully be able to keep them short since Simple Pleasures, by their very nature, shouldn’t take too long to describe and I will probably still be exhausted every day because the second week of school is almost as tough as the first.

Meanwhile, leave your best sausage-movie-title insertion in the comments!  There is a good chance we already came up with it, but the delight never ceases and we certainly missed a few.


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