Have a Good Hurricane!


Head for COVER, there’s a hurricane coming!  Irene, I hear she’s called, and apparently she is going to be a big deal.

My reaction to hurricanes (and indeed all extreme weather hullabaloos) is one of alternating skepticism and anxiety.

Psshhhh…hurricane-shmurricane, it will probably blow over…but FEMA says I should have a flashlight and I don’t have one, what if I need it…but I won’t…but maybe I’ll check my proper hurricane evacuation route, just to be safe…but I don’t have an evacuation route because I live on the top of a huge effing inland hill and am unlikely to have any severe complications due to hurricanes, of course…

Despite my sometimes-misgivings,  Tessa and I decided to join the preparation party and get ourselves some “supplies”.  Of course, Target was out of flashlights (we contemplated glow sticks, but landed on “we have enough candles to be going on with”).  Plus, after taking stock of our kitchen, we felt we were already well on our way to disaster survival:

We have peanut butter (that’s just a thing we always have), we have bread (another thing we always have), we have milk (weirdly enough, another thing – you guessed it – we always have).  We have a number (I counted 6) of boxes of slightly stale cereal,  each containing dregs totaling 1/2 to 1 bowl’s worth of cereal, most of which is whole grainy enough to contain several grams of protein per serving.  There are also two boxes (not sleeves, but boxes) of Saltine’s and a three-quarters full package of stale Wasa Rye Crispbreads.  Between that stuff and our one can of chickpeas, I’d say we’re not going to starve.

Not to mention that we’ll have spend the first few hours of no power eating our way through all the delicious leftovers, condiments and olives in our fridge.

I’m starting to view this whole event as convenient motivation for clearing out all the old food from our kitchen!

Still, we went to Target and wandered the food aisles without any semblance of plan, coming away with trail mix (that we’ve already begun eating), Ritz cracker sandwiches, apple sauce and a ten pack of Ramen, the last of which will do nothing to help us in the event of a power loss but was simply too delicious to resist (expensive though…)

So, yeah.  We are probably severely under-prepared in the event that Irene turns out to be a heinous witch of a storm. We do not even have anything to PUT D BATTERIES INTO!   But hopefully it will just be a lovely day full of heavy rain and raging winds that the random bottles we have filled with filtered water and loaded into our fridge will more than see us through.

Also, an afterthought: I hope this hurricane comes singing Flashdance [What a Feeling].

this is IRENE cara, for those of you not getting my afterthought

All alone I have cried silent tears full of pride..in a world made of steel, made of stone.



One thought on “Have a Good Hurricane!

  1. Man. I cannot believe I didn’t make some kind of flash flood/ flashdance joke. There you go, at least…you’ll have to fill in the rest of the words in that hilarious thought, though. These things don’t write themselves.

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