Cylons! [Spoiler FREE!]


Today’s Covers-themed post may be a stretch – it really pushes the bounds of credibility insofar as it relates to our week’s theme of Covers.  I just do not care, because I have to talk about it:

Frakkin’ Battlestar Galactica, man.  How good is that show?

[So good, is how good]

Now for those of you unfamiliar with the premise, it is this (the parts in parentheses I have added, the rest is taken from the intro to the show):

The Cylons were created by man (they are robots, like). They evolved (understatement).  They rebelled (16 years ago, but now they’re back).  They look and feel human. Some are programmed to think they are human (tragic!).  There are many copies (of each model of Cylon, of which there are 12).  They have a plan (and I still do not know what that plan is!!!).

Cylons, see, look like people.  They have – wait for it – covers they must maintain.  They come with back stories and false identities, like spies.  Like robot spies, which is extra-amazing-awesome as far as I am concerned.  The whole series is a masterpiece of edge-of-your seat storytelling, in part because it is well-plotted and action-packed and filled with awesome, complex characters.  But also, it is because you just do not know who is a Cylon and who is not, but you know there are at least enough more to equal 12!  I mean, we all THINK we know who is not a Cylon – “Commander Adama could NEVER be a Cylon blah blah blah” – but really, you JUST DO NOT KNOW.

Lately in my life, I have become a person who falls asleep during movies and television.  Good movies, bad movies, movies I have never seen before, movies that I have watched a million times: doesn’t matter, if I try to watch just about anything I am asleep within minutes.  BSG, on the other hand, sees me watching like this, oftentimes at late-night 3 a.m.-type hours. This is a staged photograph, sure, but I am not joking- this is what I really look like while I am watching the show. way...

Then this is what I generally look like after the revelation of certain characters as Cylons, most particularly the fourth and the sixth persons to be revealed as Cylons (not to be confused with “Number Six” who is the sixth model of Cylon, but who was the first person revealed to be a Cylon in the chronology of the show).


Apart from looking crazy, all this Battlestar Galactica has me acting a little mental as well.  For one, I have been watching the show at an unsustainable pace.  I am six days into my obsession and I am almost done with season 2.  If I continue at the current pace, I will finish the entire series in something like twelve days, which is a short amount of time in which to finish four seasons of an hour-long show.

Also, I started talking to the show, which has been on occasion overheard by my sister.  Like when I shouted, “Oh my god, why don’t you be douches about it?” when some characters were not being very nice to a character I like, and she replied, “What was that?” and I said, “Uhh…I’m talking to the show,” and she said, “Yeah.  I could tell.”.   The good news is no one overheard me cat-calling one of the characters the see-you-next-Tuesday word during a recent episode – it was not my finest moment, not by a long shot.

And also, I started writing down the word Cylon when I find myself in a position to doodle.  My sister (who has had to bear witness to all of this craziness, plus dodge spoilers from me because I just want to TALK ABOUT IT, and endure my ceaseless recommendation that she just start watching) found a sketchpad of mine onto which I had written CYLON in block bubble letters, as well as choice phrases like, “jam the system” – I think it disturbed her a little.

maybe I'M a cylon!

Anyway, in addition to all the suspense and action and awesomeness, there are a number of handsome fellas on the show, which always helps to hold the interest.  My favorite, at least looks-wise but also I like him, is Helo.  I have already posted this on facebook, but it is important enough that it bears repeating here because WOW is he attractive:


Okay, this has been sufficiently long, especially given its very tenuous tie to this week’s theme.  Anyway, if I am going to finish the entire series in record time, I have to get going; I haven’t even watched ANY episodes yet today.


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