Leon Berger, the leonberger puppy


This is Leon Berger, my completely pretend leonberger puppy.  I have noticed that my pretend puppies are all going to have two word names and are boys, the reasons for which elude me, except that I think first name/last name puppy names are funny and the best ones I can think of are boy names.


In the life where Leon Berger is my puppy (and eventually my giant, giant dog), I live somewhere in Vermont on an organic farm.  I grow vegetables and raise goats.  I use the milk from the goats to make artisan cheeses and also soaps and things.  I shop for clothes at Eddie Bauer, mostly, and finally started hiking and camping- hobbies I have long since claimed I would love but have consistently failed to actually take up.

biiiig doggie

And now, enjoy the most amazing video ever, in which some puppies pretend to be cats.  Sorry for the poor quality, but NBC took the official video down:


One thought on “Leon Berger, the leonberger puppy

  1. My pretend puppy is Donald, the Dandy Dinmont Terrier. In the life where I own this puppy, I live in a farmhouse in Provence, France. The house is pre-1800s, and Donald is great at catching any vermin that find their way in. We make our own cheese, and are working on our own wines.

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