Goodnight, Sweet Egg Week!


And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

I liked Egg Week.  I liked it so much I made it last 9 days.

Eggs are a magnificent food.  They taste delicious and are packed full of protein.  And let’s not get started on their versatility – so many ways to enjoy an egg!  From deviled to nogged, they are truly a special treat.

Sometimes they get a bad rap from people for being high in cholesterol.   I visited a nutritionist once who told me that eggs are great – don’t eat three eggs every single day or anything, but enjoy those little fellas without guilt, she said, even though people are always down with the yolks and stuff.  Poor yolks, am I right?  They must be sad, everyone hating on them like that.

Meanwhile, I just discovered today that there exist hard-boiled egg MOLDS.  In goes a hard-boiled egg, out comes a creepy hard-boiled-egg decorative soaps.  It is, perhaps, my least favorite egg preparation that I have seen to date.

egg-bear, you will haunt my dreams 

We live in a crazy-wild world that this product exists.

Let us close our final Egg Week post, then, with a classic image of my favorite way to eat my eggs to wash away that other thing.  50% of respondents to my poll on Egg Week’s opening day agree that this is the best way to eat eggs too!  There were six whole respondents, so this is really obviously the actual very best way to eat eggs.
Fried with a runny yolk! Hooray for EGGS!

this egg's on oatmeal, which is weird to me, but that yolk is gorgeous!!



2 thoughts on “Goodnight, Sweet Egg Week!

  1. Charles

    I liked egg week! I think theme is a good idea. I nominate “covers”. I like it so much, in fact, I am going to compose a third-grade persuasive letter to give you more information.

    Dear Nicolette,

    Did you know that covers would be an interesting topic for a blog theme? “Covers” is an interesting concept for many reasons:

    One may cover for other people
    One may cover Hall and Oates (
    Covers are nice to sleep under
    Things are often covered
    Things are often covered up
    Spies (and sneaky people (and daydreamers) often have covers

    And those are just off the top of my head!
    I hope for all these reasons and more, you will consider covers as a future theme.

    Your friend,

    • Dear Charles,

      I liked your persuasive letter, and find myself both persuaded and inspired. Next week, after Pretend Puppy week is over wlll officially be Covers week.

      Be sure to share your pretend puppy stories with me if you have any!

      Best Wishes,

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