In the spirit of egg week, Lauren Burr* sent me this link, about how if you shake up your egg in a lady’s stocking before you boil it, it will come out scrambled when you peel it.

Of this egg preparation Lauren Burr says, “This seems gross and awesome all at once.”

I suppose I see where LB is coming from – gross, because why you be wanting to peel a hard-boiled egg and find a scrambled one inside?  Seems unnatural.  Awesome, because you just shake an egg all up in a lady’s stocking and it completely changes the laws of egg-cooking nature.

While I empathize with the gross/awesome thing, my stance on the hard-boiled-scrambled egg is thus: this seems more unnecessary than anything else.

For one, I think it is a lot easier to fork-whip an egg than to shake-weight-style jostle it.  It also takes significantly less time to scramble eggs in a frying pan than to hard-boil them, so if you want scrambled eggs as your end-product, why not just scramble them I say?  Much less work.  Also also, every TV chef I have ever seen cook eggs insists that you must season your eggs BEFORE you cook them.  Salting your scrambled eggs after they’re cooked is egg-sacrilege (sacrilegg?) apparently.  So if your eggs are trapped inside their shells before you boil them, well…you cannot season them and you are therefore screwed.

Meanwhile, obviously the pre-seasoning rule does not apply to hard-boiled eggs, which are the world’s most perfect vehicle for lightly sprinkled salt.  And perhaps this is personal preference only, but the interplay between a separate yolk and white in a hard-boiled egg is the highlight of the hard-boiled egg experience.  Man, do I love a hard-boiled egg – oh that I had the words to properly pay them the homage they so richly deserve.

Of course, going back to LB:


However unnecessary this is, it is pretty much equal parts gross and awesome in the end.


*Hear, hear, Lauren, getting into the spirit of egg week and all!  I appreciate you.


4 thoughts on “Eggs-periment

  1. Why do you need the stocking, can’t you just shake it in your fist? Of course, using the phrase “ladies stocking” makes the whole thing sound more elegant, so I can totally see why you did it that way, but does that have a significant impact? I demand answers!

  2. Lauren

    YES! I’ve made it!!

    I also came across a how-to link where the guy did this really complicated procedure that involved a power drill and some sort of electric conduit. Someone commented, “Dude you can just shake it a lot before you boil it”. He replied, “No way, the yolk won’t break.” The first guy said, “Try it.” and the guy said, “…oh. That does work.” Awesome.

  3. I also found the link with the drill, and thought, wow that was extreme. I am unsure if you can just shake it WITH YOUR HAND and have it work. I will be sure to eggs-periment soon, even though I have no desire for the end result. Because if all it takes is shaking, I agree Andria- why the stocking? Answers will be had…eventually.

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