Incredible, also edible.


Well, I think we can agree: yoga week was a huge success!  I mean this of course both yoga-doing-wise and blog-writing-wise.  I mean, I did yoga that one time and posted about it twice (once to complain about it). Yurp…I am on a roll.

You know what else I’d like to have on a roll?

Egg salad!

Welcome to Egg Week!!!

True Story about me and eggs: when I was a child, I did not like them.  Sure, I ate your deviled eggs at the cookouts  (they will get their own post during Egg Week) but for the most part if I was served eggs as a youth I was all, “blergh.”

Now I love them.   I am no Julia Roberts as Maggie Carpenter in Runaway Bride all confused about how she likes her eggs, and indeed, whether she even likes them at all.

Nope, I love them hard-boiled with a bit of salt. I love them fried with a runny yolk.  I love them scrambled with hot sauce.  I love them…hmm…other ways I am sure- those last three are the main ways I eat eggs.

So get ready for some cutting edge egg-themed writing in the next couple days.  And now we try the poll feature of this website!!!



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