Welcome to yoga week*!

This evening (and probably the reason why yoga is our theme) I attended my first yoga class in about four months.  For a period of about six months last year, I was a Person Who Does Yoga (PWDY).  I took classes, I practiced at home, and I became convinced that I (like Elizabeth Gilbert) would one day abandon my life for a few months to live on an ashram in India.

Alas, as I do with so many things, I fell off the wagon.  Stopped going to classes, stopped practicing at home, and faced the cold hard truth that Elizabeth Gilbert’s life is ridiculous and that I will continue to live in an apartment in Rhode Island and hold down a job because there are no publishing companies about to give me a jumbo cash advance so that I can live for a few months on an ashram in India.

But tonight’s yoga…it felt GOOD.  I am pretty sure I sweated more than I have ever sweated in my life, and my body was all, “yeah, I’m not doing that” for a lot of the time, but now that it is over I remember about why I became a PWDY for those six months.  It was, quite simply, because yoga makes me feel better, like the most stretched-out and content version of myself.

This makes me think: I should try harder not to quit things that I enjoy and are good for me.  Even though I get busy sometimes, I am honestly never so busy that I cannot squeeze in a few hobbies.  I just need to cut down on napping, Facebooking and Food Network.

So as of today I have decided that I will once more become a PWDY and I will continue to be one FOREVER. I will also continue to be a Blogger, which I quit for a period of many months but have obviously decided to pick up again.  I will also learn to play guitar, which was a project I started as a 14-year-old who had plans to become a folk singer like Jewel.  I barely cracked the guitar surface back then, but I am now three days into practicing on the very same guitar I got for Christmas in 1998.  My fingertips are only a little bit numb, I can play a mean C Major scale and just you wait till you hear my perfectly adequate G chord!

Yes, I am going to be a Person Who Does in general.  Not just a person who does the things I listed above, but one who does all the awesome things I am always saying I’ll do (papier mache Dalek sculpture, you will get made; novel, you will get written; etc, etc.).  I know this is not the first time I have made a claim like this…but it will hopefully be the last…because I will hopefully actually do it this time.

If I don’t (the odds aren’t in my favor), I am sure you can expect a similar declaration in about 6 months, which is how long it usually takes me to realize I’ve given up all my projects.


*What that means is all the posts this week will have something to do with yoga


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