Welcome Back and Themes 2: More themes


So I’ve had a suggestion for a theme week theme,  which is Little Women (perhaps also to include “…and its influence on my life”).

I like it – this is the kind of thing I am looking for.  It is specific, random, easy to talk about for the span of a week.  Take note, other 8 readers of this, because you could also send me Theme ideas!

In case you were wondering, I will begin my Theme Week Week 2 Theme (whatever I decide – I may save Little Women for a later week) on this coming Sunday.  I may experiment with the “Poll” feature I see this website supports, since I do need to post at least one more time on the subject of “Themes” before I am allowed to carry on.

I must confess, actually, that Week 1’s Theme of “Themes” is a little difficult to write on more than once.

That said, did you know that (according to Sparknotes.com anyway) some of the themes of the book Anna Karenina are “Social Change in 19th Century Russia” and “The Blessings of Family Life”?

I am currently reading Anna Karenina is why I bring this up.

ah, the blessings of family life...so full of infidelity and lies.

Now that I am an adult who has lost the ability to read critically (although even I can see about how Vronsky’s horse Frou-Frou is going to end up being an Important Metaphor), I appreciate the internet and its wonderful resources all the more.

I am enjoying Anna Karenina more than I expected.  Though I have imposed a strict schedule of reading one “part” of the book a day (so as to complete reading the behemoth tome in a mere 8 days) I have not felt that this schedule is strict at all because of how entirely engrossed in the story I have been, almost from page 1.

I still have something like 600 pages left to read of course, so that could always change.  As I continue, I’ll keep my eyes open for more themes because Sparknotes only listed 3 (also “the Philosophical View of Farming) and I think there simply must be more, slightly more universal ones going on.


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