Theme Week Week 1 Theme: Welcome Back and Themes


Oh, did you think I abandoned this blog in a fit of winter-induced ennui that lazily spread to a spring/summer hybrid apathy-forgetfulness?

Actually, that is exactly what happened so if you did think that, Well Done You.

Here is the 411, though: the BRAND-NEW, super AWESOME, REVAMPED fauxspectalces is here and now it has Theme Weeks.  As in each week I will pick a theme and write anywhere from three to seven posts about that theme and that theme alone. I think that is a loose concept, so it does not have to be a subject theme all the time but could also be a format theme as well.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, this week’s theme is “Welcome Back and Themes“.

I figure I need to introduce the idea of theme weeks and also mull over in my head some ideas for future themes and also shamelessly solicit ideas for themes from my four readers.  As such, I figured starting out the whole project with a theme like Wolves or Existentialism in Popular Culture or Mascara or Any Subject Written in Iambic Pentameter or something would be jumping the gun.

As it happens, would you like to hear more on the subjects of wolves or existentialism in popular culture or mascara or any subject written in iambic pentameter?  Let me know, or generate your own theme ideas that I may end up using because I do like to pride myself on being the kind of person who can talk about just about anything…for about five minutes or three blog posts.


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